Which State Owns the Most Shoes?

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How many shoes are too many? Many would argue the limit does not exist. From sandals to sneakers and everything in between, a well-rounded closet is essential for comfort and style. In this survey, we set out to uncover which states own the most and least shoes. 


In this campaign, we surveyed 3,193 Americans over two weeks asking questions such as how many shoes they own, shoe preferences, shopping habits, and much more. Read on to see what we found!

States with the Most & Least Shoes

Radial chart displaying the states with the most and least shoes.

Are you someone who owns a few pairs of shoes, or are you in the double digits? Well, it turns out that 16 or more pairs of shoes aren’t too many for respondents in states like Maine, North Carolina, and Mississippi. Maine came in first with over half of respondents saying that they own 16 or more pairs of shoes. Oklahoma owns the least amount of shoes, with 52% of respondents saying they only own 1-5 pairs of shoes. 

Americans’ Favorite Types of Shoes

Graphic displaying the three most popular types of shoes in America.

Turns out when it comes to shoe type in America, we go for comfort. Over half of Americans say their favorite shoe type is the sneaker. Second- and third-place finalists don’t even come close to the first-place winner. Boots came in second place at 10.70%, and sandals or flip flops came in right behind at 9.24%.

Men vs. Women Shoe Habits

Graphic displaying shoe habits between men and women.

There are pretty stark differences in shoe preferences between men and women. When it comes to deciding what the least comfortable types of shoes are, 4 in 5 women say that heels are the least comfortable. An overwhelming majority for the shoe that can instantly dress up any outfit, but often can’t wait to be taken off the second they are put on. Men seem to prefer closed-toe shoes, with 1 in 5 saying that sandals or flip-flops are the least comfortable. 

Now let’s talk about creases. Yes, those creases that form over time on the tops of your shoes when you walk. Completely natural, right? Well, it’s becoming more commonplace to want to prevent the creases from forming to preserve the fresh look of the shoe. Women are almost twice as likely as men to think shoes are ruined once they have creases in them. Crazy, right? 

Possibly one of the most interesting insights from this graphic is about dating preferences. When asked if they would date someone who cared more about their shoes than they do, half of our male respondents said that they would and it didn’t bother them, compared to just 39% of women. 

A Look Inside Americans’ Shoe Habits

Graphic displaying overall shoe habits across America.

While we gleaned quite a few interesting insights from this survey as seen in the graphic above, a few notable ones stood out. A whopping 64% of respondents admit they would rather give up alcohol than their favorite pair of shoes. 48% of Baby Boomers say they would rather give up their favorite snack food over their favorite pair of shoes. Which would you choose?

Closing Thoughts

Whether they are for everyday use or a special occasion like a wedding, shoes are a simple, yet important, part of our lives and when taken care of properly can last a long time. Before it’s time to walk down the aisle, make sure you have both shoes and rings picked out in advance. At Shane Co. we have a variety of rings to choose from to fit any budget and even the option to design your own ring so you can get exactly what you want, whatever that may be.

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