Understanding Sapphires Part 2

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All of our sapphires are 100% natural. This means that no matter the color, the beauty of our sapphires came from the earth, not a lab.

Natural sapphires are difficult to find in many other jewelry stores. Because lab-made sapphires can be mass-produced, it is much more common and therefore less valuable. These lab-created sapphires do not have the fire or sparkle of a natural sapphire, nor will you find the variety of colors that occurs in the natural gemstones.

Another problem with the lab-created sapphires is that since they are mass-produced and not a true gemstone, they have very little value. Most jewelry stores will not buy back a lab-created stone, and some stores won’t take them in on trade, even if they were originally purchased there.

Since Shane Co. only sells the natural sapphires that hold their value, customers who purchase those gemstones will always get full value on their trade-in.

Besides beauty and value, natural sapphires are also prized for their durability. They are second only to diamonds as the hardest mineral on earth, making them ideal for use in jewelry. Jewelry should be able to not only last a lifetime, but also be passed down to future generations. This is why we use only the hardest gemstones throughout Shane Co.’s collection.

At the Shane Co., it is very easy to find the perfect sapphire gift for any occasion. Besides having the best selection of natural sapphire pieces in a wide range of prices, you can also hand pick a loose sapphire in many variety of colors and shapes. You can then choose a beautiful ring or pendant to mount the stone in. This makes it easy to create very unique pieces of jewelry that are sure to get compliments for generations to come!

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