Make a Statement with Viva Magenta: The Pantone Color of the Year 2023

Pantone Color of the Year 2023
Pantone Color of the Year 2023

2023 is here and it’s going to be the boldest, most creative year yet. What better way to signify this moment in history than with a color that’s full of life, red-hot passion, and fun? This year, the Pantone Color Institute™ chose Viva Magenta to be its annual Color of the Year. 

This color is carefully selected by a team to influence consumer product decisions and client designs around the world. Let’s dive into everything we know about Viva Magenta and what it means for the jewelry and style selections that are going to shape 2023. 

The History of Pantone and Color

The Pantone Color Institute™ is a Pantone consulting service. Color experts from the Institute explore worldwide influences and trendsetting tones and select the one they feel will define the year in terms of branding, marketing, and creativity.

In 1963, Pantone released the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® that revolutionized the printing industry and created a universal system for color consistency. Decades later, in the year 2000, the company solidified itself as the go-to on color trends with the first Pantone Color of the Year.

Magenta Flora

Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

A color that falls on the spectrum somewhere between red and pink, light and dark, and intense and dull, Viva Magenta uniquely captures a pleasing hue that offers many qualities. Pantone describes it as “vibrating with vim and vigor,” and it’s said to represent strength, joy, and self-expression. We’re totally on board with those descriptions being our mantra this year!

Viva Magenta is inspired by the red of cochineal, a precious natural dye. It’s meant to remind us of the beauty in nature in an increasingly technological world. With its standout tone and one-of-a-kind origin, Viva Magenta empowers people to write their own narrative this year. 

Viva Magenta Jewelry at Shane Co. 

Ready to showcase your fearless side this year with a pop of Viva Magenta? Tourmaline, one of the beautiful colorful gemstones we offer at Shane Co., is a great way to add the bright hue to your wardrobe as a constant reminder of your internal strength. There are also a couple of other colorful gemstones, mentioned below, that pair well with tourmaline and can help complete the perfect Viva Magenta color scheme look.

Elara Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring 

This gorgeous ring is going to stun in 2023 and beyond with its impressive magenta color. Available in white gold or yellow gold, the center stone is surrounded by dazzling accent diamonds. Shop this ring for a bold new look!

Cherry Pink Tourmaline Link Bracelet 

One oval pink tourmaline gemstone takes center stage on this rose gold bracelet. Wear this on your wrist to emanate a pink, passionate vibe while celebrating yourself this year! 

Mosaic Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

These shimmering earrings are another great way to add a whole range of pinks to your Viva Magenta-inspired style. Crafted from rose gold, they feature 100 round pink sapphires and 18 round diamonds. Talk about pretty in pink! 

Thea Ruby, Pink Sapphire, and Diamond Stackable Ring

Rock a monochromatic look with more shades of pink and red that complement tourmaline by wearing this rose gold ring. It features four round rubies, three round pink sapphires, and 10 round diamonds. Plus, the rose gold setting adds a warm touch that further brings out the tones of the stones. 

How to Wear Viva Magenta

In addition to jewelry, there’s more you can add to your wardrobe to amp it up with Viva Magenta. According to Sarah Ryan The Style Coach, Viva Magenta works well with complementary colors on the color wheel, like the lime green shade that sits directly opposite magenta (a cool combination found in this bracelet). She also recommends an analogous look, meaning colors that are beside each other on the wheel, like orange red and a cooler pink. 

Pantone Color Cards

We also love the idea of wearing a mostly neutral (especially lighter tones like beige and white) outfit and adding a bold pop of Viva Magenta, whether it’s with jewelry, shoes, a bag, or a top underneath a jacket. This allows the color to really stand out on its own. Oh, and, of course, you can’t go wrong with matching Viva Magenta lipstick! 

This year is all about taking chances and being the boldest, brightest version of yourself. Try incorporating Viva Magenta into your life with jewelry that makes you feel like you can handle anything in 2023. You’ve got this! If you want to keep searching for the perfect Viva Magenta piece, explore all tourmaline jewelry at Shane Co. or visit a store near you today.

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