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We all like to make a statement with our earrings.  Sometimes it is a classic statement; other times a bold, trendy statement. For me, my choice of earrings reflects the mood I’m in when I get ready for the day. That means I need a full arsenal of options! Luckily, Shane Co. has a complete range of styles that can express what I’m feeling, even on the days I’m not entirely sure what that feeling is.

Blog_Images_Batch10_41059096Some days when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I like to keep my earrings simple so that I have one less thing to worry about. On those days, simple solitaire studs do the trick. Studs are amazing for several reasons; my favorite is that they go with every outfit. Whether you choose diamond studs or sapphire studs available in a rainbow of colors, they are never too formal to pair with a t-shirt and jeans, or too casual to wear out on the town with a little black dress. Since Shane Co.’s studs come with the push-on, screw-off earring backs, they can be worn without fear of having one of the backs pop off, causing you to lose an earring! I’m also a huge fan of the lifetime trade-in policy on all the studs. When I decide I want to upgrade any of my pairs of diamond or sapphire studs, I only have to pay the difference between my old pair and whichever new pair I pick out! These reasons also make studs an ideal gift for your special someone. They are sure to love whichever pair of studs you pick out, and wear them plenty of times! You can upgrade their studs in the future for another gift, or add earring jackets to get a completely different look. Plus, since they start at less than $100, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a gorgeous pair.

Blog_Images_Batch10_41065747Hoop earrings are my go-to style on days when I can’t make up my mind. Whether they are simple hoops, or hoops with diamonds or sapphires, they stand out while still being a classic look. Shane Co. carries a variety of solid gold hoops in 14 karat white, yellow, and rose gold. They also carry sterling silver hoops. You can choose smaller hoops for a more casual look or larger hoops (maybe even ones that twist) to dress things up a bit. For an even more formal look, diamond or sapphire hoops are stunning whether they have small stones, or have many larger stones set front to back. These styles also come in a range of prices, enabling you to get your favorite look at a price that you like.

Blog_Images_Batch10_41066050On the days when I wake up ready to take on the world and feeling fierce, I tend to pick a pair of earrings that grab your attention with color. The good news about choosing a colorful pair of earrings at Shane Co. is that not only do they come in every color of the rainbow, they come in a huge variety of styles. Whether your idea of feeling fierce is similar to a disgruntled housecat, or closer to that of a caged wild lion, you can pick the style and color that best suits you. From the pastel pink of rose quartz to the fire of orange sapphires, the color and style selection will astound you. While my favorite color is pink, I love the bright shade of purple in Shane Co.’s amethyst collection. They definitely have a presence of their own! If you prefer the look or price of sterling silver instead of gold, no problem! Many different colored stones from around the world as well as vivid color sapphires are set in sterling silver to give you even more options and price ranges.

Blog_Images_Batch10_41057045Special occasions are my favorite. Even if it’s just an average day that I feel like making extra special, a pair of earrings from Shane Co.’s diamond or pearl fashion collection can kick any outfit up a notch. From dangle and chandelier styles to clusters and bezels, you can always find something that fits your personality. For me, it doesn’t get much better than a stunning pair of chandelier pearl earrings or dazzling diamond dangles. Wearing those styles makes me feel on top of the world. We all deserve to feel that way once in a while! No matter what mood you’re in right now, a quick stop into your nearest Shane Co. will help you express it

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