How Are You Making #MeaningfulMoments?

In times of uncertainty, it’s okay to feel stressed out. It’s okay to be anxious, or sad, or indulging in your favorite foods, or taking long baths. It’s okay to feel your feelings! As your friend in the jewelry business, we’re hoping to bring a little bit of comfort to those who may feel lost right now — whether that’s with a surprise gift of jewelry in the mail, a pretty picture of a ring, or simply offering our open arms to those who need it.

We thought it would be fun for all of us to see how you and your loved ones are creating meaningful moments, even during these hard times. We asked for your moments, and you delivered — plus, one winner received a sparkling diamond necklace! Check out some of our favorite entries below, and let us know how you’re spreading joy by tagging us on social media (@shanecompany).

The Winner

@susanjhendler shared this tear-worthy moment of love in these unsettling times. Congratulations to the happy couple!

“Getting married Covid 19 style, true love can’t be stopped ❣️❣️ #meaningfulmoments @shanecompany” – @susanjhendler

The Runners-up

“Giant bubbles were a hit! We’re realizing how much we used to go out, and how lucky we are to have temperate weather and a yard so we don’t go crazy. #stayhome doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside and create #meaningfulmoments while keeping a safe distance from others. ?” – @fairlybrutal

“#MeaningfulMoments @shanecompany  Hubby and I enjoying these special days together on the patio in this beautiful weather” – @joytedd

“My husband, snuggling our final baby, Sullivan. It means a lot to us to have come this far. With me suffering a huge loss in my past and being told the chances of having children are slim? We came out on top with not one, not two, but three healthy pregnancies. Not everyone is so lucky to just have effortless or noncomplicated pregnancies. I count my lucky stars every single day.” – @moonlitjoy

“Been journaling now, which is new for me. Remember my thoughts and feelings in these new & trying times #meaningfulmoments @shanecompany” – @jtabor9873

“#MeaningfulMoments to love on these babies after work, all f(ou)rry of them” – @hay_jschmidt

Finally, a Proposal!

“It’s been exactly one week since Cass proposed and I still can’t believe it! ??

Fun fact: Cass and I had planned a mini getaway to celebrate our four-year anniversary. We were going to go to Monterey for the day and then head to @seascapebeachresort for a fun and romantic weekend.

She had it all planned. She found the exact place I asked her to be my girlfriend four years ago (a miracle! If you know us, you know we’ve been trying to find this exact beach and bench every year since because it’s right off a residential neighborhood and we just stumbled across it back then). She was going to get my favorite cupcakes from @karascupcakes and have them spell out “Will You Be My Wife?” She had a photographer who was going to follow us and photograph the entire proposal. She was going to have our song playing in the background. And she had the most beautiful and perfect ring from @shanecompany I could ever dream of. CUTE, RIGHT?!

However, as the weeks leading up to our trip were getting closer and closer, and the concerns with the coronavirus continued to grow, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our trip.

So Cass had to come up with Plan B. I was really looking forward to our trip, so anyone could imagine how upset I was feeling. Especially with the fact that stepping foot outside our home was somewhat of a scary idea. But nonetheless, she somehow made our day special. We spent most of it indoors. We cooked, baked, watched movies and looked through old photos. Towards the end of the day, we decided to get all dolled up just for the sake of our anniversary and Cass told me we were going out for a drive.

We went down to Shoreline Park and Lake; not a soul in sight. She played our song, placed her phone against her speaker to record our moment, and got down on one knee right at sunset. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment. Of course I said yes!” – @victoria.rayne

Thank you to everyone who shared their meaningful moments with us. We hope there will be many more to come!

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