Dauda & Chryston’s Picture-Perfect Proposal

We’re in love with this creative proposal story—talk about the perfect surprise!

Dauda and Chryston first met completely by chance in their hometown of Tampa, Florida, in August 2013. Dauda remembers that they kept making eye contact at an event they both attended, and as they crossed paths at the exit, Dauda got up the courage to ask Chryston for her name and number. The rest is history!

Dauda and Chryston have made many memories during their time dating, like going on a cruise and touring Paris together. But even before these milestones, Dauda says he knew he was going to propose to Chryston, because he could see from the very beginning that she was everything he’d ever wanted in a partner and more. Before he could propose, Dauda had to find the perfect ring.

He knew that Chryston wanted a vintage-style ring, and he had seen a few photos of engagement rings that Chryston liked. After doing his homework, Dauda headed to Shane Co. and selected the perfect vintage setting with a floral halo, and with the sales associate’s guidance, found a beautiful brilliant round diamond to set in the center. When he saw everything finished together, he knew he had created Chryston’s dream ring!

Dauda decided to make the proposal a complete surprise to Chryston, and got several friends in on the plan. First, he recruited his coworker Tray, who is also a photographer in his spare time, as well as Chryston’s close friend Annie and her boyfriend, Will. Annie told Chryston that Tray was one of her clients and that she wanted to build up his portfolio with a “couples in love” photo shoot, and wanted to know if she and Dauda would join Annie and Will in being one of the couples. Chryston was thrilled and said they absolutely would.

To throw Chryston off, Dauda acted like he didn’t really want to partake in their friend’s photo shoot. He actually got in trouble with her for not helping because he acted so convincing! But on the big day, he “reluctantly” came along to their beautiful shoot location on a rooftop overlooking downtown Atlanta. Chryston had spent the whole day planning her hair, outfit and even Dauda’s outfit, so between the view and her preparations, Dauda was sure everything would be just perfect for their proposal pictures.

After they arrived and had been taking photos for a little while, Tray asked Chryston to pose in front of the skyline while Dauda stood behind her. Dauda quietly knelt while Tray snapped away, and then Tray asked Chryston to try a new pose where she looked over her shoulder at Dauda. Dauda says at first, Chryston completely overlooked the fact that he was on one knee because she thought it was all for the photo shoot! Suddenly, Chryston realized Dauda was actually holding out a small box and she did a double take. Tears started streaming down her face and she began to repeat, “Are you kidding?” as Dauda took her hand and asked if she would marry him. She said yes!

Annie and Will brought out a couple of bottles of champagne and custom glasses, and everyone toasted to the couple. Then, Dauda and Chryston went for a stroll alone through the nearby Centennial Park, and indulged in an amazing brunch with bottomless mimosas before heading to a romantic couples suite at the Hilton that Dauda had booked. It was full of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries and plenty of rose petals.

Dauda and Chryston are currently discussing potential wedding dates and visiting venues. We can’t wait to see how their lovely wedding will turn out!

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