Danny and Stephanie’s Perfect Park Proposal

This Shane Co. couple’s proposal is so sweet and sentimental, we could not wait to share it!

Danny, Shane Co.’s live endorser at 610 Sports Radio Kansas City, and his love Stephanie met at a Kansas City bar watching their college football teams play against each other. They instantly bonded over their love of the sport, which turned into a night of dinner and drinks. The two have been creating memories ever since. Taking vacations to Mexico, moving in together with an adorable puppy and going to Arizona for the national championship game to watch Stephanie’s team are just a few highlights. Danny says he knew he was finally ready to propose when he realized that he didn’t just look forward to coming home after work, but he specifically looked forward to seeing Stephanie.

Danny and Stephanie -2

Danny and Stephanie had talked about getting engaged previously, and even though Stephanie knew a proposal was coming eventually, she had no idea when or where. Danny decided to take her to Loose Park in Kansas City, and to get her there without any suspicion, Danny said they were going to meet up with his cousin and her kids. Once they got to the perfect spot just over the bridge, Danny told her that his family had been coming to this park for generations, and now he wanted to make her part of his family. Stephanie immediately started crying and couldn’t get out a “yes,” but they both knew this was the start of forever. To celebrate, they went to lunch where they had their first date and topped off the weekend with a couples massage.


Danny said his fiancée made picking a ring very easy, as she had told him she wanted a simple and classic ring. Her dream ring was a round diamond and she emphasized that “size definitely mattered!” With the help of Shane Co., Danny learned all about cut, color, clarity and everything that factored into his choice. He found exactly what Stephanie wanted and says she is beyond thrilled.

Danny and Stephanie plan to get married in the spring or summer of 2017. Congratulations to this Shane Co. couple and thank you for letting us be a part of your love story!

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