Customer Stories: Justin and Heidi’s Shane Co. Proposal

There’s nothing quite like a proposal. The romance, excitement and joy can be felt by everyone involved – especially when those involved helped you pick out the ring! Our team members at the Shane Co. store in Minnetonka had the privilege of getting to help one of our customers with a life-changing proposal. Read on to learn more about their special day.

Justin and Heidi

Justin, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, met his now-fiancé Heidi, from northern Iowa, in Minnesota in January 2019. Justin knew he was ready to get engaged to Heidi almost immediately because of her sweet and captivating nature. Once he selected her engagement ring and diamond, he decided that popping the question at Shane Co. might just be the perfect way to make it official. He ran the idea past Bailey, their jewelry expert at the store, and they started planning.

The proposal

When Heidi and Justin showed up at Shane Co., Bailey greeted them and told Justin to go back to the financing area to check out the rings and make sure everything was correct before picking them up. Meanwhile, Heidi went over to the fashion jewelry area to look at some necklaces and stay busy.

While she was preoccupied, Bailey gave Justin the heads up – and in he came, with a bouquet of roses in his hands and his engagement band as well as her perfect ring in his pocket. After handing over the flowers and showing her his own ring, Justin took Heidi’s engagement ring out of his pocket and popped the question. Heidi happily said yes and the store staff celebrated with them, taking pictures and offering congratulations. They finished off the proposal with a kiss and a celebratory dinner.

Buying the ring

We asked Justin and Heidi how they ended up with Heidi’s beautiful ring and what their experience was like with Shane Co.

Justin: We shopped together, both for the ring and the diamond. My experience at Shane Co. is hard to put into words. From the first step into the Shane Co. store to spending quality time with Heidi and seeing her get overjoyed/excited while looking at rings, to the actual proposal experience – it was effortless, amazing, memorable and life-changing. Last but certainly not least, the service; Bailey did such an incredible job, and without her, none of this could have happened.

Heidi: Excellent customer service means a lot to me and Bailey and Shane Co. certainly displayed the highest level of service. The shopping process was easygoing, no hassle and a lot of fun.

Looking towards the future

Finally, we asked Justin and Heidi what they were looking forward to most about married life.

Justin: Spending every day with Heidi. Falling in love with her over and over every day for the rest of our lives together. Being able to have my best friend as my wife is, quite simply, living the dream – my happily ever after.

Heidi: I’m excited to watch our three kids grow up together and I am forever grateful to be able to share that experience with my soulmate.

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