Customer Stories: How Did You Know You Were Ready to Get Engaged?

We asked and you answered. As it turns out, there are a lot of ways to know you’re ready to get engaged. Thanks for sharing your stories with us! Read below to see some of our favorite customer responses.

“You just know, that’s it :)”

– @jsssaka

“When the thought of living life without him broke my heart.”

– @camie41

“He is my person and pushes me to be the best ‘me’ possible. My teammate. My best friend.”

– @michayla_thomas

“When my husband-to-be told me that he was moving 500 miles to make sure I was never alone again.”

– @rachel.b.roberts

“When my husband and I went to Shane Co. to look at rings! A great experience!”

– @ladyjanssen14

“When we moved from Florida to Colorado together!”

– @_hillarygray

“When you are happy and more than willing to compromise on the small things.”

– @siecysdiary

“I didn’t. I was 18 and crazy! 14 years later, we’re good <3”

– @rubyslippers20

“After 6 years and a beautiful engagement ring, how could I say no?”

– @kathyworksout

“When you have gotten over the honeymoon phase and talked about the future and values.”

– @veeemwhy

“When my bf (now hubby) became as meaningful as my own family <3”

– @edenlillie

Still trying to figure out if you’re ready? Read more on how to prepare for engagement here, then find out if your partner has been dropping hints that you’ve been missing. If you’ve already decided it’s time to get engaged, you can start building your dream engagement ring on or in person at your nearest Shane Co. store. With directly and ethically sourced diamonds and the largest variety of exclusive settings, we promise it’ll be easier to find an engagement ring than it was to find the one.

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