Behind ‘Made to Shine’

Shane Co. Made to Shine. A collage image of people in everyday situations wearing their favorite jewelry.
Shane Co. Made to Shine. A collage image of people in everyday situations wearing their favorite jewelry.

“Made to Shine” is a genuine celebration of our customers. It highlights the significance of life’s moments, big and small, and the remarkable way fine jewelry adds meaning. Staying true to Shane Co.’s long-standing brand heritage, which is grounded in exceptional service, handcrafted quality, unique and personal designs, and a deep passion for gemstones, “Made to Shine” shifts the spotlight to the customer, showcasing authentic moments and real stories.

“From the time my father took over the company more than 50 years ago, our focus and mission have centered around our customers,” said Rordan Shane, the president and CEO of Shane Co. “Being a part of their special moments has always inspired us to go above and beyond with everything we do. Our ‘Made to Shine’ campaign is our love letter to them. This campaign celebrates what’s important in life and we are honored to be able to share their beautiful stories, bringing joy and encouragement to others.” 

Shane Co. A collage image of Tom Shane selecting gemstones, a jeweler setting a marquise diamond engagement ring, and 3 loose oval gemstones

“Made to Shine” is a tribute to the most meaningful parts of everyday life — gaining confidence when you put on a sparkly pair of earrings, feeling the presence of a loved one by wearing an heirloom ring, showing love to someone special with a meaningful gift or engagement ring.

One of the most significant brand initiatives in recent history, “Made to Shine” is a complement to Shane Co. as your friend & jeweler. It continues Shane Co.’s long-established mission of being a customer-focused company.

Check out our “Made to Shine” brand anthem below.

Shane Co. Brand Anthem

At Shane Co., we believe everybody is made to shine. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from, shining is not for a chosen few. Like a rare gemstone, each one of us was created under just the right set of circumstances; no two are exactly alike. Your moments, your milestones, your love story, all deserve to shine bright. You don’t need an occasion. Or an invitation. You, and your life, are the event.

At Shane Co. we handcraft our jewelry with the greatest care, and hand-select the most beautiful gemstones so you can shine. Put on a pair of earrings that make your eyes sparkle. Wear diamonds that light up the room. Choose a piece you’ll treasure for years to come. Give someone a ring handcrafted with the greatest care. Try on sapphires in every color of the rainbow. Pass down an heirloom that collects new stories with each generation. We’re all made to shine.

Shane Co. Fine jewelry since 1929.

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