Shane Co. lockets combine traditional elegance and modern design. Whether you’re looking for a locket necklace as a gift or want to add a classic piece to your own jewelry box, our collection of unique lockets means you’re sure to find something extraordinary.

FAQs about Locket Necklaces

  • What differents shapes are lockets available in?

    Lockets are available in a wide range of shapes, including traditional ovals, hearts, circles, and rectangles. The shape you choose can hold personal significance or reflect your style preferences, making your locket necklace even more special.

  • What goes into a locket necklace?

    A locket necklace is a sentimental piece that typically holds small keepsakes, such as tiny photographs, a lock of hair, or a small note. It's a way to carry cherished memories or tokens of affection. Some lockets also have compartments for holding perfume, solid perfume, or other small mementos. The contents you place inside are a personal choice, allowing you to create a meaningful and intimate piece of jewelry.

  • What other sentimental pieces of jewelry does Shane Co. offer?

    Shane Co. offers many different sentimental pieces of jewelry in addition to lockets for women. These include: Anniversary rings, Promise rings, Cross necklaces, And more!

  • Are Shane Co. lockets budget-friendly?

    Finding a beautiful locket doesn’t mean you have to overspend. Choose from different metals and sizes to find a piece that looks great and suits your budget.

    If you’ve fallen in love with a locket or another gorgeous piece such as a diamond solitaire necklace but can’t purchase it right away, drop a hint to your sweetheart or add it to your wish list for the future.

  • How does Shane Co. make lockets affordable?

    When you invest in one of our lockets for women, you want to know you’re getting the quality you pay for. We take the guesswork out of purchasing lockets. We use only high-quality metals and buy our gemstones directly from trusted diamond cutters, preventing middleman markups and keeping prices low. Shane Co.’s collection includes a wide variety of unique lockets that match your budget and your style preference.

  • Does Shane Co. offer other necklace styles?

    Shane Co. offers a beautiful variety of necklaces, whether you’re looking for something chic and on trend or classic and refined. For a glamorous, shimmering piece, browse our collection of three-stone necklaces. Delicate gold necklaces also make a great go-to accessory if you’re looking for a casual piece that goes with anything.

    Your jewelry should match your lifestyle, and we create necklaces that reflect a variety of passions and interests. Find a tangible symbol of your faith in our collection of cross pendants or Star of David necklaces, or choose from our collection of exclusive charms to turn a simple necklace into a sentimental piece. Every piece of jewelry you wear tells a story, and with Shane Co. it’s easy to find a necklace that reflects yours.

  • Can I have jewelry gifts made at Shane Co.?

    Jewelry is a wonderful gift for all occasions. When the holidays come around, shop our unique and exclusive collection to find something beautiful for everyone on your list. Themed collections also make it easy to celebrate every loving relationship in your life; surprise a special mom with a Mother & Child pendant or a designer locket engraved with a sentimental message.

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