Garnet Jewelry

Garnet Jewelry | January Birthstone Jewelry

Garnet comes in an array of beautiful colors, including a dark red shade that is typically associated with January’s birthstone. The stone comes with a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age. It’s a bold gemstone, and many believe that it promotes strength, energy, and positivity.

Our selection of garnet jewelry ranges from necklaces to earrings, rings, and bracelets. We have designs for every style, with garnet jewelry set in 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, silver sterling, and 14k yellow vermeil gold. Find a garnet piece that speaks to you, or shop garnet jewelry as a gift for someone with a January birthday. Make it even more meaningful with an engraving or other personal touch.

Garnet jewelry is popular even for those without a January birthday due to its unique color that pairs well with all metal types. It can usually be worn daily and is relatively hard, rating a 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, though it’s softer than some stones and requires a level of caution when showering, swimming, or working. Whether you’re wearing garnet for its appearance or symbolism, it makes for great jewelry that you’ll cherish for a long time.

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