8 Unique Proposal Ideas

Man proposes to woman with roses on a dock.

You finally found the one — your other half, your perfect partner, the person you want to wake up and share a coffee with. You feel ready to take your relationship to the next step, and that means a proposal is in order. But how can you keep it creative when so many amazing proposals have already been done? Try out one of these unique proposal ideas to ensure you get the “Yes” you’ve been dying to hear.

1. Make it digital

For the tech-savvy future fiancé, create a website that doubles as a proposal. This could include photos of you and your partner, videos, links to your favorite memories, and finally the big question at the center of it all. Leave a note on their desk or email them a link telling them to check out this cool site and be ready with the ring when they say yes.

2. Fridge surprise

Spell out “Will you marry me?” in refrigerator magnets for a cute but low-key unique proposal idea. The next time they go in for a snack, they’ll find something even better.

3. Be a bookworm

Does your honey love to read? Try writing a poem with a proposal at the end, or hollow out a book and hide the ring inside. When you ask them to turn to a specific page, they’ll love seeing a diamond there instead!

Man proposes to woman on red rock structure.

4. Director’s cut

Re-enact a romantic scene from their favorite movie — for example, if they love “Say Anything,” wake them up with a boom box serenade outside their window. It’s a fun and easy way to let them know you know them inside and out.

5. Artistic touch

Meet with a caricaturist before heading out for a stroll around town. Then, when you coincidentally run into them, have them draw your portrait with a speech bubble saying “Will you marry me?” coming out of your mouth, and one that says “Yes!” coming from your partner’s. When the artist turns the picture around to show them, get down on one knee and make it official.

6. Pick-up plan

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and looking to move on to the next phase, hold up a sign at the airport the next time they visit. Have your last name and “Mrs.” or “Mr.” in front, or keep it classic with a traditional “Marry me.” Either way, they won’t be expecting this warm of a welcome.

Man proposes to woman on blanket after hiking.

7. Spell it out

For a unique proposal idea for word lovers, challenge your sweetheart to a game of Scrabble that you finish by spelling out “Will you marry me?” on the board.

8. Snap a pic

Try a photo booth proposal. While the camera is snapping pics, take out the ring box and catch their real-time reaction in a series of photos you’ll treasure forever.

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