2019 National Proposal Day Contest Winners

We’re super excited to announce the winners of our National Proposal Day contest! We had so many amazing entries, with proposals that mapped the globe in creativity. We were thrilled to see couples getting engaged on hot air balloons, beaches, boats, mountains and more, with lots of flowers, crying and, of course, some gorgeous diamond rings. We want to send a huge thanks to everyone who participated — we loved reading about your love and all the ways you show it with Shane Co. It was incredibly hard to pick a winner among all the romantic proposals, and we want to give a shoutout to the runners-up whose stories were just as touching.

Ultimately, we picked a winner whose proposal was so sweet it nearly gave us a toothache. Congratulations to Yolanda H. and her fiancée Elena! Your snowy Colorado proposal melted our hearts, from your beautiful photo capturing the big day to the intimate story of how you popped the question. We loved that you spent some time talking to your sweetheart about all the memorable moments you’ve shared together, and we could tell how much you wanted to make her your one and only. We’re sure it was the happiest surprise of her life. Read on to hear all the details about Yolanda’s proposal.

Yolanda and Elena:

“February 22, 2019, will forever be a special day for us. It was a snowy day in Colorado and this plan had been in the works for months. I hired a photographer to capture the proposal. The plan was to tell my now-fiancée Elena that I scheduled a couples photo session so we could make our house more ‘us.’ We recently moved in with each other in December and I just wanted to make it more cozy. All the while, I was really planning on making her my forever love and in this for the long haul. The photographer and I decided to take our photos up at Daniels Park in Littleton. It had a beautiful view of the Front Range and I wanted to have that picture-perfect moment. We drove up there the day of our photo session and during the drive, I had her listen to some of our songs and reminisce on all the adventures and fun we have had in the year and a half we have been together. I couldn’t help but tear up a little but had to try hard to not be a blubberxing mess, otherwise she would know something was up. Once we arrived, we met up with the photographer and took some cute couples photos for 15 minutes. Then Elena was asked to take some photos on her own with her back to me. The photographer motioned for me to get down on one knee. When Elena turned around, there I was on one knee. She was so surprised and so happy that all she started saying was, ‘YES!! Yes!!’”

It was nearly impossible to pick just one winner, so we wanted to share some of our other favorites from this year’s contest. Take a look below for more romance!

Hunter and Amber:

“My fiancée and I loved hiking mountains, albeit I like to hike a little too far for her. I brought her up this long trail to see a waterfall, stopping at an overlook to rest and ‘set up my camera’ to do some time-lapse photography. Instead, I planned to propose, and got the whole thing as a time lapse of the mountains, colors and my future wife.”

Jamie and Elias:

“Elias had scheduled a professional photo shoot while we were in Greece at 6:00 in the morning, claiming that we didn’t have a lot of pictures of us dressed up together. At the beginning everything was normal, and then the photographer was telling me how to pose with my back to him. I hear Elias moving around and I asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ He responds, ‘Nothing,’ then he asks, ‘Are you in the mood for questions?’ and I lost it from there. I was laughing, and then by the time I turned around I was ugly crying. He asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ and then I really started crying and said, ‘YES!!’”

Tristan J.:

“To her it was a Friday night start of a series just like any other, but to me it was the night I was going to propose to my high school sweetheart. This was in Augusta, Georgia, and her dad, who lives in D.C., surprised her by coming down for the weekend. After the game was over we all went on the field to ‘take pictures’ and that’s when the speakers started playing our favorite song and I got down on one knee. Pulled a baseball out of my back pocket and inside was a beautiful ring that she happily wears to this day. Thank you, Shane Co., for making my dreams come true.”

Alex J.:

“Ouray, Colorado, has always been my favorite town in Colorado. After my fiancé and I met in college, I brought him down there. He fell in love with the town and we decided to always have a mini weekend vacation down there at least once a year. In February 2019 we went down there and snowshoed to Ironton Park, which has a small ghost town. As we stopped at one of our favorite buildings, we set up our camera to take a few photos. As the five burst shots started, my fiancé got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, this was after I was confused on why he was getting down on one knee. I said yes and the rest is history.”

Kimberly B.:

“For Christmas he got me professional pictures scheduled for us to take. He had always told me that taking pictures with your boyfriend/girlfriend was silly and he would never do it — but we had just gotten a house so I thought he just caved a little. A few weeks later, we were posing for fun, cute couple pictures and the photographer was in on it too. She made us strike a pose of me facing away from him and him running up behind me to hold me to get that perfect live-action shot. Little did I know, he wasn’t coming up behind me to take the picture, he was getting down on one knee!!!! She counted to three to have him run to me, I heard him take a step and then it went quiet. Still oblivious, I didn’t turn around. Just standing there, waiting for my instructions, hoping he didn’t fall or something, and I hear him tell me to turn around. Confused, but very curious, I turned around to see my best friend, the love of my life, promising to love me forever! AND HE GOT IT ALL ON CAMERA. These are the pictures I will cherish forever. Thank you, Shane Co., for helping him find the perfect engagement ring. It is absolutely beautiful.”

Elias C.:

“After a year and a half, I wanted to propose to Paula but wanted to do something special ― a memory to last forever. So we went on vacation to Miami and we took a boat tour to see celebrity homes. I proposed in front of all the people on board the boat. She said yes!”

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