Blue Topaz and Tanzanite – December Birthstones

It’s time for another deep dive on this month’s birthstones. For December, we have gorgeous blue topaz and tanzanite taking on rich shades of blue for all our December babies. Read on to find out more about these sparkling stones and shop our favorite December birthstones.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz gets its name from the word “topazion,” which may be related to the Egyptian island of Topazos. In the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the stone was valued greatly for its uniqueness and general rarity, though large deposits of the stone were eventually found in Brazil. Nowadays, topaz is very popular and accessible.

Originally, it was thought that all yellow gemstones were topaz, but it was soon discovered that topaz varies in color from yellow to blue and green to completely colorless. Blue topaz can sometimes resemble aquamarine, with a slightly deeper color that is sometimes heat-treated to enhance its appearance.

Did you know?

Topaz means “heat” in Hindu mythology. In fact, topaz was considered one of the “sacred stones” of the Kalpa tree, making it a holy stone for the Hindus. It was often worn as a pendant and believed to relieve thirst, extend one’s lifespan and increase intelligence.

Spiritual properties

Blue topaz is believed to stimulate the self-confidence of wearers, inspire creativity and increase attention span. It helps one to better articulate their thoughts and feelings and open lines of communication. A stone of peacefulness, blue topaz is thought to calm the emotions and is often used to aide meditation and spiritual readings.

Did you know?

It’s been suggested that the word “topaz” also comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” meaning fire, because blue topaz was believed to have cooling properties. In ancient civilizations, it was believed that when thrown into boiling water, the stone could actually cool the pot down.

Blue topaz gifts

Want to celebrate a December birthday in style? These blue topaz gifts are just the thing.

Infinity blue topaz pendant necklace

This Infinity Pear-Shaped Blue Topaz Pendant has just the right amount of flair. With two shades of blue topaz coming together in a unique infinity design, it’s perfect worn alone or paired with matching earrings. Even better? It’s only $125.

Blue topaz and diamond ring

Want to give a stunning gemstone cocktail ring? This Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring is the perfect gift for our December babies – or the best way to treat yourself. One emerald-cut London blue topaz takes center stage, surrounded by sky blue topaz gemstones and 10 round diamonds.

Blue topaz and white sapphire dangle earrings

We love the look of these London Blue Topaz and White Sapphire Dangle Earrings! Featuring two pear-shaped London blue topaz gemstones and 24 brilliant round white sapphires, this modern style accentuates the color and class of this unique stone. Pair it with a matching pendant for the ultimate in sophistication.

Blue topaz and white sapphire bracelet

Adorn her wrist with this London Blue Topaz and White Sapphire Bracelet. With 13 bezel-set round London blue topaz and 39 white sapphires, this vintage-inspired design is securely fastened with a safety clasp, for a piece she’ll want to wear every day.


Unlike many of our favorite gems, tanzanite is actually a relatively recent discovery. Tiffany & Co. named this brilliant blue gemstone after Tanzania, the first (and only) location where it was found in 1967. It is also known as “blue zoisite.” Since its discovery, it has become one of the most popular blue gemstones on the market.

Tanzanite has the unique property of being pleochroic, meaning it appears differently colored depending on how it is cut. It ranges from a deep blue to a more purplish tint. Its color is caused by small amounts of vanadium within its mineral structure. Tanzanite’s purple tone makes it stand out, particularly among other varieties of blue stones.

Did you know?

Tanzanite’s popularity grew in large part due to a public education campaign funded by Tiffany & Co. They developed and promoted educational materials to help jewelers understand, market and explain the characteristics of tanzanite to new customers.

Spiritual properties

Tanzanite is believed to have a high vibrational energy that envelops its wearers in protection and safety. Like blue topaz, it promotes good lines of communication while soothing and calming. It is also thought to bring a sense of self-awakening to those who wear it, encouraging psychic abilities and powers.

Did you know?

Popular legends in the region where tanzanite was discovered consider the stone a gift from the gods, as it was discovered by Masai cattle herders who first saw the stones after a brush fire in the area which was caused by lightning.

Tanzanite gifts

Tanzanite and diamond pendant necklace

This Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant is a show-stopper, featuring both white gold and rose gold details, one pear-shaped tanzanite gemstone and a grand total of 57 round diamonds. Try it out with matching dangle earrings for the ultimate look.

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Love an east-west look? This Round Tanzanite and Diamond Swirl Ring is the perfect choice. One vibrant blue tanzanite gemstone is the center of attention, surrounded by gorgeous accent diamonds and set in our 14k white gold.

Tanzanite and diamond earrings

For a simple style with a twist, these Oval Blue Tanzanite and Round Diamond Earrings make a memorable gift. Two oval tanzanite stones are perfectly complemented by 22 brilliant round diamonds, for a pair of dangle earrings that work for special occasions or everyday wear.

Want to see more beautiful birthstone gifts? Find and shop your birthstone on our website, and check back during your birthday month to learn more. Shop online at today and your purchase will be shipped to you within 3 days. You can also book a virtual or in-store appointment to speak with one of our expert jewelry consultants.

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Zircon is the traditional birthstone for December. And it is the only stone i ware.

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