Shane Co. Holiday Proposal Contest Winner

We recently asked our customers to share their holiday proposal stories in our Merry Proposal Contest. When Madeline and her fiancé, Tyler, shared their magical holiday proposal we knew we had found our winner. If you’re want to know how to propose, take note of this one. It was perfect and even included snow… in Arizona! Make sure to grab a tissue before reading their adorable proposal story! ❄️ Congratulations to Tyler and Madeline! 

A snowy proposal in Arizona ?: Devin Burko

“We constantly describe our proposal story as magical, even before reading this prompt using that adjective, because it truly was so magical! We live in Arizona, where holiday moments complete with snow are few and far between. On the exact day he planned to propose, just as he thought he was going to have to switch plans around because the forecast called for rain, it snowed. Winter-wonderland-status snow. I was completely surprised by the snow and then even more surprised by the proposal! My fiancé proposed at my grandma’s cabin, on a cliff on her property with a beautiful overlook. This is a sentimental location for my family, and as he was down on one knee, one of the things he said was, ‘One day when we have kids, I want to be able to bring them back to this exact location and tell them that this is where I asked Mommy to marry me.’ *Cue the tears* I couldn’t be any luckier and we couldn’t be happier or more in love.”

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