5 Occasions That Call for Pearls: How to Make Them Work for Your Style

Pearls are a classic, beautiful accessory that combine a sense of regality with versatility. Though it can perfectly dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit, pearl jewelry isn’t something you need to reserve for fancy occasions alone. 

We love pearls with a black dress (à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s) as much as we love them with a blouse and blue jeans. They also coordinate well with other jewelry and can work with a more subtle style or one with ribbons and lace. Learn more about pearls here, and read below to discover how to style pearls for any occasion. 

Elevated Weekend Wear 

Amp up a comfortable weekend outfit with pearl accents. Pair your pearls with jeans and a sweater for a soft look to grab brunch or run errands. We recommend subtle colors for your clothing, such as light pink or beige, to keep things sweet and simple. Add a bit of beauty with an accessory like this Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. You can admire the pearl bracelet on your wrist while sipping a steamy cup of coffee or getting a fresh coat of shiny polish on your nails.

Opt for a bohemian blouse and these Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings for an artistic, carefree vibe at the farmers market or on a thrift-shopping spree. Pearls may be classic, but they cater just as much to an eccentric style as they do a buttoned-up one. Pearls add a sense of charm to your outfit while showing off an elegant yet creative spirit.

Classic Corporate Chic 

While we advocate for pearls on the weekends, we also recommend wearing them any day of the week! Pearl strands are a great way to pull a corporate ensemble together in a seemingly effortless way. Pair a blazer with jeans or trousers and a simple white tee with a silky strand of pearls. The white-on-white will help avoid overly dramatic contrast, and the pearls will add a touch of elegance that softens the more structured features of business wear. Add heels for a confidence boost and a professional edge.

Another way to elevate a timeless work outfit is to pair a neutral, plain top with black pants and a pearl necklace, like this Cultured Freshwater Pearl Strand. The pearls instantly take minimalism from basic to beautiful. Add black flats and simply styled hair for consistency.

Romantic Date Night

You want to feel your best on date night, whether that means a little black dress or a trendy new outfit. Wear pearls for a tried-and-true method of looking fresh and pretty, but mix in a variety of other metal jewelry to avoid looking too formal. We like a classic, well-fitted dress with these Cultured Freshwater Solitaire Earrings to appear put-together without being over the top.

If your date or night out on the town is more casual, try a skirt, heels, a tee or sweater (depending on the weather), and pearl earrings for a breezy, becoming look. For a vintage flourish, pair pearls with a bold red lipstick.

Elegant Wedding Guest 

You can wear white to a wedding when it comes to pearls! In fact, they are exceptionally exquisite with a velvety winter dress, black-tie attire, or a summer sundress. These Cultured Akoya Pearl and Natural Diamond Earrings pair perfectly with a sleek, earth-toned gown for a stunning, yet subtle, look at a nighttime or formal wedding. If you have long hair, wear it in an updo to show off your pearl earrings.

This Cultured Freshwater Pearl Pendant looks excellent with a deep V-neck or a dress with a simple neckline. It adds a dainty touch that leaves you looking both fashionable and dignified. Complete your look with stud earrings and romantic makeup and you’ll be the best-dressed guest.

Timeless Travel Style 

Stay classic in any city with pearls as your traveling companion! Pearls go with everything, so they’re the perfect accessory to bring on a trip. Plus, they’re often a little bigger than other gemstones and harder to lose, so they make for easy packing. We like this Cultured Pearl Paperclip Necklace for a beautiful, stylish take on pearls that’s a little less formal yet still absolutely gorgeous. For a preppy, traditional style that looks good anywhere, pair pearls with plaids, collared shirts, loafers, and cardigans.

Combine your pearls with leather for an edgier look. A black leather jacket and jeans or leather pants with a feminine blouse and pearls give you a charming blend of daring meets delicate. When you’re traveling, you’re likely to take a lot of photos, so you want to look your best!

It’s easy to pull off pearls no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Pearls go with everything and look good on everybody. To enhance your jewelry wardrobe, shop cultured pearls at Shane Co. We offer gorgeous, elegant styles that add a sophisticated twist to your everyday look.

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