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Gemstone FAQs

  • Loose Gemstones from Shane Co.

    Beautiful loose gemstones give you the opportunity to create jewelry with a custom look, including fashion rings, pendants and engagement rings, Shop Shane Co.’s selection of high-quality, hand-selected precious stones.

    Shane Co. offers thousands of loose stones in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors.

  • What kind of gemstones does Shane Co. have?

    In addition to loose diamonds, Shane Co. has the largest selection of natural colored stones including: Sapphires: Choose from over ten sapphire colors, including yellow, pink, lavender, three shades of blue and others. You can find beautiful sapphires in your favorite hue. Our vibrant sapphires let you create your own fashionable rings and necklaces.

    Rubies: A red ruby evokes feelings of romance and desire. Our rubies have a true red color, never the purplish tone typical of inferior rubies sold elsewhere.

  • What can I use a loose gemstone for?

    Our large selection of loose gemstones gives you infinite options to create custom pieces. With your favorite gemstone in hand, your jewelry opportunities are unlimited; place a beautiful ruby in a pendant, or create a custom charm with a colorful sapphire.

    When you fall in love with a loose stone, it’s time to find the perfect setting. Whether you want to add a loose gemstone to a necklace or one of our stylish rings, buying loose precious stones from Shane Co. means getting the finest hand-picked quality and value for your money.

  • How does Shane Co. source its loose gemstones?

    The Shane family has spent decades building relationships with some of the world’s most renowned stonecutters. This gives our team access to the finest loose gemstones and loose diamonds.

    Whether you’re selecting loose gemstones online or in-store for your diamond wedding ring, or you prefer our pre-set bridal rings with the center stone already in place, you can be confident that you’re getting visibly superior quality.

Sapphire FAQs

  • Will my sapphire chip?

    Sapphires rate a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which means they are extremely strong and not prone to chipping. Sapphire is primarily made out of the mineral corundum, which is the second hardest type of mineral only after diamonds.

  • Where do sapphires come from?

    There are sapphire mines all over the world. Many of these mines exist in parts of Asia and Africa, in places like Madagascar and Tanzania.

  • Will a sapphire’s color fade?

    We place a great deal of emphasis on sapphire quality and hand-select gemstones that will not fade in color over time. We don’t sell glass-filled stones and always make sure to view each stone carefully under natural sunlight to determine its true color.

  • Can you use sapphire for the center gemstone on an engagement ring?

    Yes, sapphires make stunning options for engagement rings! Their unique beauty and depth of color can evoke distinct emotions.

About Diamonds

Whatever style of wedding rings you have in mind, we have the best selection. Shop thousands of exclusive styles, including many wedding rings created by our own world-class designers and artisans. Your Shane Co. wedding rings will be unique and reflect your individual style and personality.

Finding the right diamond

The measure of a diamond’s beauty is a well-executed cut. Using the 4Cs can help you find the perfect diamond. Carat: Carat is the unit of measurement for a diamond's weight. Rarity means larger diamonds of the same quality are worth more per carat. Clarity: Clarity refers to the purity of the diamond and assesses the number, size, relief, and position of inclusions and blemishes. Color: Color refers to the color within the diamond, not the reflected light. The less color there is, the higher the grade. Even the slightest hint can make a dramatic difference in value. Cut: Cut refers to a diamond's symmetry, proportions, and polish, which determine how the diamond’s facets interact with light. Shane Co.'s diamond buyers go to the stone cutters around the world and hand-pick diamonds with the most sparkle from within each grade for our stores and our website. Whatever diamond grade you choose, you will clearly see the difference in the way Shane Co. diamonds sparkle.

Can you buy loose diamonds?

Buying a loose diamond can offer many benefits. When you purchase a center diamond stone separately, you will be able to find a diamond that matches your desired specifications and quality characteristics. Once you find the perfect diamond, you can have it mounted on your chosen setting for a beautifully customized piece.