3 Stone Rings

Three Stone Rings from Shane Co.

A classic three-stone ring never goes out of style. Choose from a wide range of diamonds, gemstones, sapphires and rubies set in white, rose or yellow gold. Each stone is exquisitely hand-matched by color and quality.

FAQs about Three Stone Rings

  • What do three-stone diamond rings symbolize?

    Three-stone rings traditionally represent a couple’s past, present and future including life’s meaningful milestones.

  • Are Shane Co. three-stone rings affordable?

    Our beautiful three-stone rings suit every style and budget. We go directly to the cutters in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Bangkok and Mumbai to eliminate the middle-man and pass our savings on to you. Shop our affordable three-stone rings crafted with your choice of sapphires, diamonds and gemstones.

  • What finger does a three stone anniversary ring go on?

    A 3-stone anniversary ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, alongside the engagement and wedding rings. However, they can be worn on any finger, depending on your personal style and preference. The three stones often symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship, making it a meaningful choice for commemorating milestones and celebrating lasting love.

  • Are there different styles of anniversary rings available?

    Just like our engagement rings and wedding bands, we have many different styles of anniversary rings to be the perfect gift to commemorate another year together. These include: 5-stone anniversary bands, Sapphire anniversary bands, Ruby anniversary rings, And many more styles!

  • Does Shane Co. offer jewelry gifts?

    We offer the best selection of fine jewelry in every price point. Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, graduations or anniversaries you’ll find the perfect gift at Shane Co. From matching pearl sets to cuff links and tie clips, we carry a wide variety of gifts for every occasion.

  • Does Shane Co. have three-stone engagement rings?

    Shane Co. carries a wide array of three-stone engagement rings. Choose an elegant three-stone setting with the center stone of your choice from sapphires and rubies to timeless diamonds.

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