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3 Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings at Shane Co.

These beautiful engagement ring settings symbolize your past, present, and future with your center stone representing your present. Captivate your relationship with one of Shane Co.’s gorgeous 3-stone engagement rings with the center stone of your choosing!

FAQs about Three Stone Engagement Rings

  • Why should you purchase a three stone engagement ring from Shane Co.?

    Shane Co. offers fine jewelry and ring designs that are long-lasting and high-quality. Our three stone engagement rings are crafted by diligent jewelers with over four generations of experience. 3 stone diamond engagement rings are sure to stand out among modern ring styles. Learn more about Shane Co. 3 stone engagement rings and all of the designs that we offer our customers.

  • What styles are included in Shane Co.’s collection of three stone engagement rings?

    Shane Co. is proud to have a wide selection of three stone engagement rings available in our collection. A variety of stone shapes can be used to complete a three stone engagement ring, with settings in white gold , yellow gold , and platinum . Let our team of experts make the process as easy as possible.

  • What is the symbolism behind 3 stone engagement rings?

    Three stone engagement rings carry symbolism in some cultures and religions that have been passed down for generations. Three stone engagement rings can represent a couple’s journey together and the past, present, and future of your relationship. Men and women of faith consider three stone engagement rings to symbolize fidelity, love, and eternity.

  • Can my 3 stone engagement ring have a different center stone than a diamond?

    Of course! Shane Co. offers the opportunity to design your own custom 3 stone engagement ring where you can select the perfect center stone, whether that be a natural diamond, lab-grown diamond, or colored gemstone. You can also choose a different setting that may suit you more than the three stone setting.

  • Are three-stone engagement rings more expensive than other engagement rings?

    There are many different custom qualities that may affect the price of a 3 stone engagement ring, like carat of each diamond and quality of each stone. Learn what goes into the many qualities of a diamond with Diamonds 101 guide.

  • What do three-stone engagement rings represent?

    The three stones can represent whatever you’d like them to represent!

    Traditionally, the three stones symbolize your past, present, and future together. The center stone, which is usually the largest of the three, represents your present. When proposing with a three-stone engagement ring, it’s common to incorporate the past, present, and future meaning into the proposal, creating a special moment to reflect on your past, the love you share now, and how your love will continue to grow into the future.

    Another, more recent interpretation of the three-stone engagement rings sees the three stones as friendship, love, and fidelity, which can be three strong building blocks of a relationship.

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