Three Stone Engagement Rings

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  • Three-Stone Engagement Rings from Shane Co.

    Why settle for one gorgeous diamond when you can have three? Consider a three-stone engagement ring from Shane Co. and celebrate your love with a ring featuring high-quality diamonds.

    The three-stone engagement ring is a classic choice for many brides-to-be, and its radiant appeal makes it stand out among modern ring styles.

  • What is the meaning behind three-stone engagement rings?

    While some prefer opulent halo rings or unique vintage rings, you may have an affinity for something with a bit more tradition.

    Our engagement rings with three stones carry symbolism that some cultures and religions have passed down for generations. For instance, a three-stone engagement ring can represent a couple’s journey through life together. For others, the three stones represent the past, the present and the future. For men and women of faith, the stones may symbolize ideals such as fidelity, love and eternity.

    Whether you choose a three-stone ring for its symbolic significance or simply because you appreciate its beauty, these engagement rings are guaranteed to sparkle for a lifetime.

  • What materials does Shane Co. make their thread earrings out of?

    We craft all of our accessories from high-quality precious metals, and our thread earrings and earring jackets are no exception. Shane Co.’s selection features earrings in 14k yellow, white or rose gold, as well as sterling silver.

  • How long will my thread earrings last?

    It’s important to invest in jewelry that lasts, and we only use durable, high-quality metals to prevent breakage and tarnish. Each of our jewelry creations goes through a rigorous quality assurance process, and we work hard to make sure each piece is as durable as it is beautiful.

    If your jewelry ever needs attention, send it back or bring it into one of our convenient locations. Investing in fine jewelry like a pair of threader earrings or stud earrings from Shane Co. means buying with confidence; all of our accessories are covered under our Free Lifetime Warranty. We’ll polish and repair your jewelry for free, whether you purchased it three weeks ago or three years ago.

  • Does Shane Co. have other types of earrings?

    We offer a variety of earring styles, with our designs ranging from classy infinity styles to chic leverback earrings. Shane Co. makes it easy to find a pair of earrings you love and add something special to your jewelry box.