Curved Wedding Bands

Curved Wedding Bands

Curved / Contour wedding bands are designed to fit perfectly with your engagement ring. The curved wedding band features an elegant curve or dip and complements the shape of the engagement ring when you stack the wedding band on top of the engagement ring on your finger. Shop Shane Co. for a variety of beautifully arched styles.

FAQs about Curved Wedding Bands

  • What are curved wedding bands?

    Curved wedding bands are rings that have a curved shape to fit around an engagement ring or to be worn alone. Curved wedding bands can also be referred to as notched wedding bands, chevron wedding bands, or V wedding bands. They are rings with a curve on one side that fit comfortably on their own or in combination with a engagement ring with a promonent center stone or feature. The curved wedding band features an elegant curve or dip and complements the shape of the engagement ring.

  • What are the benefits of wearing a curved wedding band?

    Wearing a curved wedding band can enhance the appearance of an engagement ring, provide a comfortable fit, and prevent the rings from rubbing against each other.

  • How do I know if a curved wedding band will fit with my engagement ring?

    It is best to try on different curved wedding bands with your engagement ring to find the perfect fit and style. One of our expert jewelry consultants is always available in store or online to help you find that perfect fit.

  • Can a curved wedding band be worn without an engagement ring?

    Yes, a curved wedding band can be worn alone as a standalone piece of jewelry. Many people are stacking rings to create a unique look beyond just wedding bands.

  • Is a curved wedding band in my budget?

    Our selection of contour wedding bands includes a large variety of styles to suit any budget. We buy our gemstones straight from the diamond cutters, ensuring your curved wedding band is radiant without paying for markups or additional fees.

  • Are contour wedding bands comfortable?

    Contour wedding bands are designed to fit snugly against an engagement ring or another existing ring, creating a cohesive and streamlined look. The contour or curved shape of these bands allows them to sit flush against the engagement ring, eliminating any gaps or spaces between the two rings. The curved shape is specifically crafted to complement the contours of your finger and the engagement ring, ensuring a comfortable fit.

  • Are contour rings more expensive?

    The cost of a contour ring can vary based on a few different factors like the design complexity, metal type, presence and type of gemstones, and craftsmanship involved.

  • What do contour wedding bands mean?

    Contour wedding bands symbolize unity and harmony by fitting seamlessly alongside an engagement ring. They represent the bond and connection between the two rings, signifying the union of love and commitment.

  • Does a contour wedding band support a center stone?

    A contour wedding band is primarily designed to fit alongside an engagement ring or another existing ring that already focuses on a center stone.

  • What other wedding ring styles does Shane Co. offer other than countour wedding rings?

    In addition to contour wedding bands, Shane Co. offers:

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