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Channel-Set Engagement Rings

Channel Set Engagement Rings from Shane Co.

If your dream engagement ring is one that features lots of sparkle, browse Shane Co.’s exceptional collection of channel-set engagement rings.

FAQs about Channel Set Engagement Rings

  • What is a channel-set engagement ring?

    Channel-set engagement rings feature a channel with stones set into the ring’s band, also known as the shank. The stones are held in place by the metal walls on both sides rather than prongs. The channel-set look has a sleek, modern appearance and complements your center stone’s sparkle with additional fire and brilliance, similar in fashion to halo engagement rings and pavé diamond engagement rings. Shop all engagement rings

  • Is it easy for stones to fall out of channel set engagement rings?

    We have higher quality standards than other jewelers and design our rings to offer a lifetime of trouble-free wear. Each ring is examined three times by our own quality control team before it is made available for sale. Should anything happen to any of the diamonds, our Free Lifetime Warranty guarantees free replacement.

  • How does Shane Co. choose its gems for channel set rings and diamond bands?

    Shane Co. has higher standards for the cut, color, and clarity of all of our diamonds. Plus, each stone is matched by hand for consistent fire and brilliance. You can see the difference in the sparkle of our channel set rings compared to the rings sold elsewhere. Our high-quality stones are always ethically sourced and conflict-free. Read more about our high-quality diamonds and how we choose them.

  • Is it hard to clean a channel-set engagement ring?

    Channel set rings can be slightly more challenging to clean compared to some other ring designs. The small, closely set diamonds or gemstones in a channel setting create tiny crevices where dirt, soap, and debris can accumulate. To clean a channel set ring effectively, it's advisable to use a soft toothbrush or a jewelry-specific brush to gently scrub between the stones. Regular maintenance and professional cleanings are recommended to ensure that the channels remain free of buildup and the stones maintain their sparkle.

  • What different styles of engagement rings does Shane Co. offer?

    In addition to the popular channel set rings, Shane Co. offers many different styles of engagement rings to suit any style. This includes: Three-stone engagement rings Infinity engagement rings Cathedral engagement rings Classic engagement rings And more!

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