Pave Engagement Rings

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  • Pavé Engagement Rings from Shane Co.

    Pavé engagement bands add an extra touch of glamour to a classic engagement ring. If your dream ring displays radiance and sparkle, choose one of Shane Co.’s beautiful pavé engagement rings.

  • What is a pavé setting?

    Pavé is a French word that literally means “to pave.” Pavé engagement rings are aptly titled, as the ring is paved with diamonds. Diamonds are embedded into the ring’s band to maximize glimmer and shine. The gems are held in place by small beads in the ring’s metal. This creates a continuous twinkle all the way around the band, meaning more sparkle and more brilliance.

    Pavé engagement rings are one of the most stunning ring designs available and have become a popular option for modern couples. If you’re looking for a ring that captivates, consider a pavé setting engagement ring.

  • What’s the difference between pavé engagement rings and channel-set engagement rings?

    While both styles use accent stones to enhance the brilliance of a ring, pavé engagement rings and channel-set engagement rings are different. Channel engagement rings feature a row of stones placed in a channel between two bands of metal. This tight channel keeps the gems in place. In contrast, the pavé setting uses small beads in the metal for secure placement.

    If you’re interested in comparing the two styles, browse our collection of channel-set engagement rings. If you like the idea of accent gemstones but want a more traditional ring, consider a cathedral setting engagement ring.

  • Can the gems in a pavé engagement ring fall out?

    We use high-quality craftsmanship to ensure the diamonds and gemstones in your ring are secure—you can wear your ring without worrying that the stones will fall out, no matter how active your lifestyle. This is true of all our ring styles; whether you choose a classic-style engagement ring with a single diamond or a halo ring with dozens of gemstones, our Free Lifetime Warranty covers your entire purchase, including your ring’s center stone.

  • How can Shane Co. help me find the perfect pavé engagement ring?

    If you need help finding a pretty pavé diamond engagement ring, our team of diamond experts can provide honest recommendations without pressure to buy. If you’re still browsing and can’t decide on a style, let us help. We’ll explain the details and features of today’s most popular engagement ring styles so you can make an informed decision. From halo engagement rings to unique color engagement rings, our selection is unrivaled—make the choice easier by learning about what goes into the perfect ring.