Channel Set Engagement Rings

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  • Channel Set Engagement Rings from Shane Co.

    The right setting can turn a beautiful ring into a stunning masterpiece. If your dream engagement ring is one that features lots of sparkle, browse Shane Co.’s collection of channel-set engagement rings.

  • What is a channel-set engagement ring?

    Channel-set engagement rings feature a channel with small accent gemstones set into the ring’s band. Shane Co.’s channel engagement rings may include diamonds or colorful sapphires, and both add an extra touch of glamour. Like our pavé diamond engagement rings, channel-set engagement rings offer superior radiance.

    Channel setting engagement rings are designed to enhance the brilliance of your ring’s center stone, similar in fashion to halo engagement rings.

  • Is it easy for stones to fall out of channel-set engagement rings?

    We take pride in our creations, and our fine jewelry goes through in-house quality control to guarantee your ring is as durable as it is beautiful. The stones in our channel engagement rings are held securely in place by grooves in the ring’s metal, ensuring that your ring will last no matter how active your lifestyle.

    When you invest in Shane Co. jewelry, whether you purchase a channel-set diamond engagement ring or an infinity symbol engagement ring, you’ll always get our Free Lifetime Warranty. Shane Co.’s unrivaled warranty covers the gems in your setting as well as the center stone in your ring, which means you can rely on your purchase for years to come.

  • How does Shane Co. choose its gems for channel-set engagement rings?

    When it comes to channel-set engagement rings, the accent gemstones are the featured part of the setting. We take pride in our sourcing processes, and we’ve spent four generations building relationships with renowned manufacturers to ensure our rings offer unparalleled sparkle. The difference is truly visual.

    Whether you’re looking for matching wedding ring sets or a twisted band engagement ring, we’re dedicated to helping you select the perfect ring for a stress-free shopping experience. Find the perfect ring at Shane Co. and make an investment you’ll love for a lifetime.