How to Have a Meaningful Mother’s Day — While Social Distancing

Whether you’re celebrating your mom, stepmom, mother-in-law, or the mother of your children, there’s no doubt that we’re grateful for mothers everywhere — now more than ever. But with social distancing guidelines in effect, how can we still celebrate these amazing women?

Be there for her

Luckily, even if you can’t physically be with Mom this year, you can still show her you care. Try setting up a virtual chat so you can still see each other’s faces from far apart. If your mom isn’t great with technology, we recommend writing out the steps to setting up a virtual call with her beforehand, even providing her with extra resources if necessary.

You can even set up a “Mother’s Day brunch” with all your close relatives! Share recipes beforehand, offer ideas for drinks, send out virtual invitations, and spend some time chatting to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Surprise her with something personalized

Giving Mom a personalized gift not only shows her you’re thinking of her, but can even remind her of her family when they aren’t close by. Try personalizing a piece from our Family Collection with the birthstones of her kids or grandkids, or find a gorgeous engravable necklace to personalize with a meaningful quote.

Get the kids involved

If you have kids at home with you, Mother’s Day can be the perfect excuse for some fun arts and crafts! Design a banner for Mom when she wakes up, create Mother’s Day cards for Grandma, or ask them to write down their favorite things about Mom and create a collage with your favorite photos of her. Ask them to help you with breakfast, or bake some cookies together to ship out in the mail to all your loving mamas.

Make it a special day

Whether the woman you’re celebrating is in the house with you or far away, make Mother’s Day extra special from the beginning to the end. Make her breakfast in bed, schedule a good morning call, decorate the house in all her favorite colors, and have a gift arrive for her just in time to celebrate. Did you know that every piece of jewelry you purchase from ships in just three days? That makes it easy to ensure your gift will arrive on time, beautifully wrapped in a burgundy bow.

Don’t forget about self-care

Hey, Mom — we see you reading, too! With so many people to care for, it can be easy to forget to care for yourself, particularly in uneasy times. This is your chance to indulge in all your favorites. Take an extra-long bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink. If you feel like you haven’t had any time for yourself, ask for a few hours of privacy so you can read, nap, work on a new hobby, or catch up on your favorite show.

Before the big day, make sure to drop a hint on your favorite pieces on, or treat yourself to something special. Trust us — you deserve it!

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