The Most Popular Chips and Dip in Every State

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There is nothing better than the oil that forms on your fingertips after diving into a bag of chips. You might pair it with a simple sandwich or reach for some flavorful dip, but the only way you can tell when you are truly comfortable in your significant other’s presence is when you can shamelessly lick your fingers and shake out every last crumb from the bottom of a potato chip bag — face deep.

With more and more people ditching the movie theaters and opting for date nights in, Shane Co. wanted to find out which types of potato chips and dips were the perfect date night accessory to stand the test of time — or at least the length of your next Bridgerton episode. 

So before you surf Netflix for the next movie in your queue, read ahead to find out the most popular snack chips and their dip counterparts.


To find out which potato chip and dip combinations make for the savoriest date night in, we turned to search interest. First, we sourced the most popular chips and dip recipes and compiled a list of the top 17 chip brands and 13 popular dips to analyze on Google Trends. Check out our insights from the past five years’ worth of Google Trends search volume for each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia to find out which chips and dips were invited out on a second date. 

The Most Popular Chip in Every U.S. State

A map displaying the most popular chip in every U.S. state over the past five years

Pringles stole the show as the most popular chip brand, as they had the majority of search volume in more than 25% of states. Pringles’ iconic tubular packaging and the swoop of their chip make it an optimal choice for on-the-go snacking, as well as duck impersonations (if you know, you know). Tostitos ranked second with wins in eight states, capturing much of the Northeast region, while Lay’s came in third, dominating mostly Southern states. Dubbed the original potato chip, Lay’s is a fan favorite among top-rated culinary experts. 

Much like the pride a state has for their home sports team, manufacturers that produce potato chips within their home state are most beloved there as well. The Minnesota-based chip company Old Dutch is No. 1 among Minnesotans. Miss Vickie’s, a Florida potato chip brand that comes in flavors like Jalapeño, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Smokehouse BBQ, is manufactured and most craved in gator central. Utz’s line of Zapp’s Potato Chips serves as the top-ranking snack chips for Louisiana and pays homage to its creepy roots with flavors like Evil Eye, Voodoo, and Cajun Dill Gator-Tator. 

The most popular chip in Texas is Takis, a rolled tortilla chip that is the perfect accompaniment to brisket sandwiches. The flavors sound like something your favorite superhero or villain might fall into at the beginning of their origin story, with names like Blue Heat, Fuego (“Fire” in Spanish), and Nitro.

Some of the other types of chips included Ruffles, which dominated in Mississippi, Cheetos, in California, and the beach trip favorite, Doritos, which was most popular in Arkansas.

The Most Popular Chip Dip in Every U.S. State

A map displaying the most popular chip dip in every U.S. state over the past five years

Guacamole was the top-searched chip dip, trending in 15 out of the 51 states, and included states like Hawaii, Florida, and Georgia, where the conditions for growing avocados might entice residents to search for this type of dip. The states with vast farmland and no shortage of cheese — Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas — were among some of the top places that ranked the highest for queso blanco dip. Tying for second with queso blanco dip, hummus garnered 11% of the country’s dip cravings, featuring states like Oregon and the District of Columbia.  

Both Kentucky and Wisconsin love their beer and cheese, claiming beer cheese dip as their top search result. Back in 2014, their governors famously wagered the precious commodities in an NCAA tournament. 

Three of the Rocky Mountain states — Idaho, Montana, and Utah (plus North Dakota) — ranked highest for the easy-to-make seven-layer dip, while New Mexico’s most searched dip was pico de gallo. And in a shocking turn of events, Connecticut ranked highest for blue cheese dip.

The Most Popular Chips & Dips Overall

A chart displaying the most popular chips and dips in every U.S. state over the past five years

When it comes to the best chips and dips to bring to your party, it’s clear Pringles and guacamole won’t disappoint. Guacamole, a simple three-ingredient recipe made from avocados, salt, and lime, was a top choice all over the map. Every region in the U.S. must enjoy its fresh taste and classic pairing with Mexican cuisine. 

When compared side by side, we discovered some unexpected combinations to bring on your next picnic or road trip, like Connecticut’s top choice, Tostitos, a corn chip, paired with their favored dip, blue cheese. Michigan’s top choices, Lay’s and hummus, make for an equally strange and somewhat palatable combination.

Closing Thoughts

With so many people ditching the expensive dinner tab in exchange for creative, budget-friendly dates, we wanted to find out the most searched-for chips and dips across the U.S. to spice up your next night in. The top chip and dip consensus revealed classic snack chips like Pringles and Sun Chips, as well as dips like guacamole, queso blanco, and spinach artichoke to be fan favorites.

Planning a cozy date night calls for the most flavorful chip and dip combination to give your taste buds — and your partner — the energy to conquer that next Harry Potter marathon. Inspired by Daenerys Targaryen’s jewelry or simply want to get your Netflix and Chill buddy something special? Design a necklace or shop for a personalized gift here. 

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