Gemstone Jewelry Roundup: Spring Edition

gemstone jewelry
morganite and rose gold jewelry

Have you heard of color analysis and the four main types: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter? These color palettes are designed to help people with ranging hair colors, eye colors, and skin tones determine which color makeup and clothing pairs best with their natural look. 

The same guidelines apply to jewelry, and in this article we’ll show you some of the best colorful gemstones to wear if you consider yourself a Spring. Below, we break down popular Spring tones and which colorful gemstones correspond accordingly.

Peach Tones

One of the main hues that fits best with Spring folks is anything and everything peach. Morganite is an especially great way to add a bit of peach into your wardrobe. Morganite is a pink-orange variety of beryl and an especially hard mineral, meaning it’s great for daily wear.

morganite rose gold earrings

Peach Morganite and Diamond Earrings

These gorgeous morganite earrings come in rose gold and look great on anyone with rosy cheeks. Pair with matching blush, pulled-back hair, and neutral clothing for a look that’s as pretty as a peach.

Citrus Vibes

A warm orange color is another Spring tone that translates well to colorful gemstones. Citrine is a go-to for all the Springs out there. It’s also November’s birthstone, so it’s perfect for anyone with bright coloring who also happens to be a November baby. Some even say that citrine attracts wealth and success.

citrine pendant

Bondi Citrine Pendant

This popular citrine pendant, set in yellow gold, adds a pop of color that perfectly matches the Spring palette. It features a round citrine gemstone. We love it with a contrasting blouse and a bright lipstick.

Light Green

Peridot, a yellowish-green variation of the mineral olivine, is the perfect shade of green for a Spring. It’s said that peridot brings its wearer prosperity and compassion. Plus, it’s the birthstone for August.

peridot bracelet

Mina Peridot Bracelet

We love adding an elegant dose of peridot with this beautiful bracelet. It features seven round peridot gemstones set in sterling silver. Wear it with colorful gemstone rings for a beautiful, springy rainbow of colors.

Multi-Colored Stones

In addition to these specific shades, Spring fashion is all about blooming color! Multi-colored stones and rainbow jewelry are great ways not only to pull out warm tones in Spring beauties, but also to celebrate the season itself.

rainbow pendant

Fiesta Rainbow Bar Pendant

This stunning necklace looks amazing on Springs. It features gorgeous sapphires in several shades. Crafted from quality sterling silver or yellow gold, this bar design is perfect for your wardrobe update and goes with anything.

You don’t have to consider yourself a Spring to wear these gemstones! Let them simply serve as a guide for those with vibrant features who want to play up their natural beauty, or for those wanting a springtime jewelry refresh. If you’re ready to amp up your style this season or want to explore other lovely jewelry pieces, shop all colorful gemstones at Shane Co.

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