Tales From the Warranty

Did you know that Shane Co. has the best lifetime warranty in the business? Well, now you do! Our 100% Free Lifetime Warranty covers even the center stone of your engagement ring, as long as you stay up to date on cleaning and checkups. With our noncommission, no-pressure sales team and expert in-store jewelers, your piece will receive the love and attention it needs — even when accidents happen.

Still aren’t convinced? Well, you don’t need to hear it from us — take it straight from our customers with these warranty stories.

Lisa R. says:

“Recently my center stone fell out of the setting. GONE! I searched high and low and turned the house upside down easily 100 times. I panicked. I’ve kept up with my cleanings and inspections and my husband reminded me about the warranty and we called Shane Co. They said to come on in to see what they could do. I wasn’t very optimistic. I came in on a very busy day and went toward the back to try and find anyone available. I must’ve looked distressed, because when Michelle saw me she instantly asked what was wrong and if everything was okay. I immediately began to tear up and told her what happened. She calmly said to come with her and that we would figure it out together. After a short amount of time looking up my information, Michelle informed me that she found a comparable stone and that she’d have it mailed in to be mounted in just a few days. I was speechless. I’ve since picked up my ring and it was perfect. Although the original stone held more sentimental value for me, Shane Co. and Michelle went above and beyond to help me. The customer service, authentic compassion and caliber of professionalism that Michelle showed me was exceptional. She was so genuine and even called me a few days later to check up on me. Michelle and Shane Co.: THANK YOU. I appreciate you so much and am so grateful. My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have loyal customers for life. I keep telling everyone I know to ONLY buy from Shane Co. Thank you!!!”

Tucker H. says:

“My fiancée and I had her engagement ring for only three weeks when her diamond fell out (due to far more than normal wear and tear…whoops). We were absolutely terrified we would have to deal with insurance, claims, etc., but Shane Co. made it as easy as coming in and explaining what happened. Their lifetime warranty COMPLETELY covered the lost main stone and damaged band. Kat took amazing care of us and put us at ease that this would all be covered by Shane Co. and we could breathe again. We will never shop anywhere except Shane Co. for jewelry again. Best warranty in the industry.”

Carol P. says:

“We bought my ring here back in ’06. We bring it in about 2x a year for cleaning, rhodium, etc. In 13 years, I lost two accent diamonds: once at the beach, then another while wrenching on our Jeep. Because we take it in regularly, it has a lifetime warranty and both times they replaced the diamond for free. They’re very professional and helpful. I’m soooooo glad my hubby bought my ring here.”

Tanya H. says:

“My husband bought me some Tahitian pearls for Christmas of 2006, with matching earrings, and he accidentally broke them while he was helping me take them off last week. We took them back to Shane Co. in Roseville, which is where we bought them, and their customer service was amazing! Anna was so attentive and helpful and even took down our anniversary and birthdays, so they would be sure to send us a card or email! The good news is that we won’t have to pay a dime out of pocket since the pearls were under their lifetime warranty, which is standard for Shane Co. jewelry! So, if you are looking at getting your special someone a ring, necklace or any kind of jewelry and want excellent customer service, Shane Co. is your place!”

Dana J. says:

“Shane Co. went above and beyond our expectations when I managed to lose the center stone from my engagement ring at work. I was so worried and they were reassuring and stood by their warranty to replace the center stone and make my ring stronger so this wouldn’t happen again. Cannot thank them enough!”

Diana M. says:

“Just received my wedding ring in the mail after getting repair work done and I am in tears. Last week, I was devastated when I smashed my hand in a ladder, flattened my ring and lost a diamond. I called Shane Co. just to see what size the diamond was so I could begin to look for a replacement. They told me, “Oh, it’s under warranty.” Guys. I just got a diamond replacement (smaller one) and repairs FOR FREE. I’m so grateful my husband got my ring at Shane Co. and will forever sing their praises. You’re not just buying THE ring. You’re buying protection for when life happens and you damage one of the most sentimental pieces you own.”

There you have it! Besides having the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry, Shane Co. creates pieces that are built to last. Learn more about our superior standards of quality.

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