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Discover the convenience and beauty of preset engagement rings at Shane Co. A preset engagement ring is a dazzling piece where the center diamond and accompanying stones are already expertly selected and placed by our in-house jewelers, and ready to ship. With a wide selection of pre-mounted bridal rings to choose from, all adorned with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, you'll find the perfect ring to symbolize your love. Our collection features popular styles like halo rings, three-stone designs, unique vintage-inspired rings, and even options with colorful accents. To make your search easier, you can filter our preset engagement rings online based on your desired price range, ensuring a perfect match for both your style and budget.

Preset Engagement Ring FAQs

  • What Is a Pre-Mounted Engagement Ring?

    A pre-mounted engagement ring is a diamond or precious gemstone engagement ring where the center diamond and other stones are already set in place. The diamond and setting have been previously selected with a preset engagement ring, meaning the ring is assembled and ready to go. This means there's less wait time.

    Browse Shane Co.’s assortment of pre-mounted bridal rings, all set with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. We offer preset engagement rings in a variety of popular styles, including halo rings, three-stone styles, rings with colorful accents and unique vintage engagement rings.

    You can also filter our preset engagement rings online by price range to find something that matches both your style and your budget.

  • Where does Shane Co. get the gemstones for their pre-mounted engagement rings?

    All of our stones are ethically sourced and hand-selected for sparkle. We’ve spent decades fostering relationships with some of the industry’s most renowned diamond and gemstone cutters. These relationships give us access to some of the finest gems available. We then pass the savings on to you, and you can trust that every gemstone in our pre-mounted engagement rings is of the highest quality.

    Learn more about our superior stones and conflict-free diamonds by reading our story.

  • How long does it take to receive a preset engagement ring after placing an order?

    All of Shane Co.'s selection is available to ship within 3 days of purchase. For more details, visit our Shipping page.

  • What types of gemstones are commonly used in preset engagement rings?

    Diamonds and colorful sapphires are commonly used gemstones in Shane Co.'s ready-to-ship engagement rings.

  • Can I have the preset engagement ring resized if it doesn't fit?

    Yes, with Shane Co.'s Lifetime Warranty, preset engagement rings can be resized for free to ensure your ring will properly fit.

  • Can I customize a pre-mounted engagement ring?

    If you’re looking to add a custom spin to your jewelry, you can add engravings to many preset engagement rings. You can also pick out a wedding band to stack with your pre-mounted engagement ring to create a unique look.

    If you are interested in a completely custom ring, Shane Co. also allows you to design your own engagement ring. You’ll be wearing this accessory for the rest of your life — so this option is great for creating exactly what you want by selecting from a variety of metals, gemstones, settings, and engraving options.

  • Which preset engagement ring options are available?

    Choose your favorite pre-mounted engagement ring from the following categories to find a style that matches you best:

    1. Precious metals: Select from white gold, rose gold and two-tone gold.
    2. Settings: Our pre-mounted engagement rings are available in a variety of settings. Choose from halo engagement rings, pavé settings, bezel settings and more.
    3. Gemstones: You’ll find preset diamond engagement rings as well as rings that incorporate colored sapphires.

    If you have the setting but not the stone, browse our beautiful selection of loose diamonds online. For a truly unique look, choose a ruby or sapphire from our assortment of loose colored gemstones. Shop for your favorite pre-mounted engagement ring now or check out our full selection of engagement rings!

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