Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

  • Shane Co. Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

    Shane Co. offers fine jewelry and men’s wedding rings with diamonds that are long-lasting and high-quality. Our diamond rings are crafted by diligent jewelers with over four generations of experience. Learn more about men’s diamond wedding rings and all of the most popular designs at Shane Co.

  • Does the Groom Pick His Wedding Band?

    A frequent question is which individual picks the wedding band. It’s a common practice for couples to pick out the groom’s wedding band together and, often, the wedding rings tend to not match each other. Our men’s diamond wedding rings offer a unique style for each band, and our broad selection allows the option for individuality with each purchase.

  • What Hand Do Men’s Wedding Rings Go On?

    Men’s wedding rings typically go on the left hand on the ring finger, which is the second finger from the left, with the tradition being the same for women.