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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are among the most popular styles of rings. Shane Co. offers the largest selection of unique halo rings for every budget. Even though they come in a tiny package, halo engagement rings make a huge statement. These pieces are designed to catch the light to make your already shimmering diamonds that much more breathtaking. Additionally, Shane Co. offers a variety of customization and personalization options that will allow you to make your halo engagement ring exactly what you envisioned. Check out our full selection of halo rings or explore more of our expertly crafted engagement ring styles on the Shane Co. site.

Our halo engagement rings feature a magnificent center diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating a breathtaking display of brilliance and sparkle. The halo setting not only enhances the size and appearance of the center stone, but also adds a touch of vintage elegance to the overall design. Imagine the look on your partner's face when they lay eyes on the sheer beauty of our halo engagement rings. The combination of the dazzling diamonds and the intricate craftsmanship will make their heart skip a beat, leaving them in awe of your impeccable taste and thoughtfulness. With our wide range of halo engagement rings, you can find the perfect one that matches your partner's unique style and personality. Whether they prefer a classic round-cut diamond or a more contemporary cushion-cut, we have a variety of options to choose from. Don't wait any longer to make your proposal truly unforgettable.

FAQs about Halo Engagement Rings

  • What is a halo engagement ring?

    Halo engagement rings feature a center stone encircled by a “halo” of smaller diamonds or other gemstones. This beautiful setting style makes the center stone appear larger and creates even more eye-catching sparkle for your ring. Shane Co.’s selection of platinum and 14k gold halo engagement rings includes a wide variety of looks, including styles in our signature shade of rose gold. Many of our halo styles feature double halos around the center stone. We also offer halo rings in many different shapes including round, pear, oval, marquise, cushion cut and more. Our exclusive and innovative Eternally Yours halo engagement rings allow the center diamond to sit flush with the halo, creating a lower profile that has a sleek, modern look. We also offer infinity engagement rings, three-stone engagement rings, and swirl engagement rings with halo designs. Unlike most other jewelers, Shane Co. designs our own engagement ring styles, which means your halo engagement ring is guaranteed to be unique.

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  • Can I customize a halo engagement ring?

    You can customize your halo engagement ring at Shane Co. and ShaneCo.com.
    1. Choose your center stone. Diamonds are a timeless choice, but you can add a pop of color as well if you go with a ruby or sapphire.
    2. Choose the cut of the center stone. The traditional engagement ring uses round or princess cut stones, but halo engagement rings allow for you to choose oval, pear, or emerald cuts as well.
    3. Choose the number of halos you want. Why stop at one? You can include up to three halos on your ring!
    4. Choose your metal. White gold and platinum are classic choices, but you can also choose Shane Co.’s classic rose gold or yellow gold.
    5. Admire your masterpiece. With thousands of loose stones to choose from, it’s easy to create a diamond halo engagement ring that fits your budget and matches your personal style.

  • What’s the history of halo engagement rings?

    Halo diamond engagement rings were first seen in the early 1700s in Europe and increased in popularity in the Victorian era. A century and a half later, halo engagement rings remain one of the most sought-after ring styles.

  • Should you have a halo around your engagement ring?

    Choosing a halo around your engagement ring is a matter of personal preference and style. Halos are clusters of smaller diamonds or gemstones that encircle the center stone, enhancing its appearance and adding sparkle. They can make the center stone look larger and offer extra brilliance. If you're seeking a vintage or glamorous look, a halo might be appealing.

  • What other style of engagement rings does Shane Co. offer?

    Shane Co. offers a variety of engagement rings to suit everyone's unique style. This includes: Solitaire engagement rings, Channel-set engagement rings, Color-accented engagement rings, Vintage engagement rings, And more!

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