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Made to Shine - Real Stories image
Made to Shine - Real Stories image

Calling all teachers! It’s your time to shine!

As part of Shane Co.’s ongoing Made to Shine Real Stories Giveaway, we want to hear stories about jewelry that’s been meaningful to you. Whether it’s a treasured piece that symbolizes a special connection with a class, a gift that brought you encouragement during challenging times, or a reminder of your dedication to shaping young minds, we invite you to share your story with us.

By participating in this giveaway, you will have the incredible opportunity to see your story featured in Shane Co.’s advertising. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to win $1,000! We will select 12 lucky winners from all the entries to receive a cash prize. On 8/31/23 we’ll randomly select our next batch of $1,000 winners.

We are thrilled to hear the unique narratives that have been woven into your teaching journey through jewelry. Don’t miss this chance to let your story shine and potentially win $1,000 in the process!

What We’re Looking For

Teachers, we invite you to participate in our Made to Shine Real Stories Giveaway! 

All you have to do is share how jewelry has made a difference in your life as an educator. Whether it’s a unique piece that represents the impact you’ve made on your students, a symbol of appreciation from a grateful parent, or any other jewelry that holds significant meaning in your teaching career, we want to hear how these precious adornments have influenced and inspired you.

To enter, submit a heartfelt story that captures how a piece of jewelry has brought joy, love, or transformation to your life as a teacher.

We celebrate the unique experiences and diverse narratives that jewelry has sparked, whether it’s a tale of resilience, connection, achievement, or nostalgia. Your story deserves to be heard, cherished, and shared with others who can relate to the profound impact of jewelry in their lives too.

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, visit our Made to Shine Real Stories Giveaway page and record your story. The deadline is 10/31/23, but we recommend submitting sooner so you have a chance to win during our next drawing at the end of August.

We can’t wait to hear your unique story of how jewelry has made a difference in your life!

What You’ll Get

At the end of each month, Shane Co. will randomly select three lucky winners to receive a $1,000 cash prize. The giveaway ends on 10/31/23.

Your story will have the chance to be featured on the Shane Co. website and/or in national radio campaigns. Enter now for a chance to inspire others with the impact of jewelry on your personal journey.

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