Five Signs He’s about to Propose

When you’re in a relationship, it’s pretty easy to tell if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner or not. But it’s a little harder to figure out when the proposal is coming your way! Here are a few hints that point to your partner popping the big question!

He Spends More Time with Your Friends

Has your partner made more of an effort to hang out with your friends? By becoming more involved with your crowd of people, he can get a good perspective on what you’re expecting out of a relationship. He might even ask your friends to help him plan the proposal!

He Asks You Style Questions

Before he buys the engagement ring, he is going to want to figure out your style, whether it’s through commenting on your jewelry or just asking for your preferences. Some couples even come in to browse rings together, and that’s okay! It’s better to give straightforward tips to your partner than to let him roam wild in an unfamiliar jewelry territory.

He Plans Big Events

Planning more events is a good sign that there is a proposal in the near future. He is setting it up so he has multiple opportunities to ask the big question or throw you off so he can ask when you are least expecting it. Plus, he really wants you to feel adored and those events will be designed to make you feel special to him.

He Talks about the Future a Lot

Do you talk about your future openly with your partner? If so, this is yet another sign. By talking about your future often and in a casual manner, he can gain confidence in proposing. Being real can be scary to some people, but in most instances it actually strengthens your relationship and gets you excited about not only your future, but your future together.

He Is Acting Secretive or Nervous

Planning a surprise proposal is not easy! If your partner is being vague about his whereabouts, this could be a sign he is in the process of buying a ring and setting up the proposal. Don’t go snooping or prying or you might ruin the surprise.

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