Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends

Wondering what jewelry you should be rocking for spring? Here are the biggest trends we’ve seen strutting their stuff on the runway!

Baroque Is Back

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The baroque trend has carried over from winter 2015 and is back in full force for spring 2016! When picking out baroque jewelry, keep in mind that the more elaborate and unique it is, the better. Since the style is all about grandeur and complexity, now is the time to go for those extravagant-looking pieces and wear them all the time!

Collarbone Necklaces & Long Necklaces

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There are two lengths of necklaces that are enjoying their moment in the spotlight right now: Collarbone necklaces, which hit just barely lower than a choker, and very long necklaces. Whichever length you pick, you’ll be looking fabulous!

Ear Candy

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Nope, we’re not done with the ear climber trend yet—we can’t get enough of these little beauties! They add tons of sparkle that covers your ear and give you the look of multiple piercings without actually having to get more piercings!


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Dainty bangles, chunky bangles, silver bangles, gold bangles, jeweled bangles—no matter what kind of bangle you choose, you’ll be stylin’! Stack them for the ultimate be-bangled look.

Bold Beauty

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This spring is all about being bold with your jewelry choices. Whether you like bright colors, asymmetrical patterns or large earrings, rock some fun pieces!

Want to see more fabulous styles for spring? Head to ShaneCo.com to shop the latest trends!

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