How to Pick the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Stuck at home? Now’s the perfect time to experiment with jewelry. Even if you’re only communicating on webcam, you can still rock your favorite pieces — in fact, a good pair of earrings can pull together your whole look! Shane Co. has created these helpful graphics to show you how to find the right ones for your face shape.

How to find your face shape

Knowing your face shape can help you figure out what haircut to get, how to apply makeup, and even what jewelry to wear to best flatter your face. You can determine your face shape by measuring the following parts of your face:

  • Forehead width
  • Cheekbone width
  • Jawline width
  • Face length

Next, consider facial features like the sharpness of your jawline and cheekbones. Finally, compare your face shape and dimensions to other recognizable faces.


Round face shapes

Popular round-shaped celebrities include: Selena Gomez

Attributes of a round face: rounded forehead, rounded jawline, width of face same or similar to length of face.

With a round face shape, your go-to should be styles that help to elongate your gentle curves. Try square earrings, which juxtapose nicely with your circular face, or go for long dangle styles that will draw the eye downward.


Heart face shapes

Popular heart-shaped celebrities: Kourtney Kardashian

Attributes of a heart-shaped face: Forehead is wider than jawline; narrow, pointed jawline; face slightly longer than it is wide; cheekbone width same or similar as forehead width.

Romantic heart shapes can choose from a wide variety of styles because of their unique shape. We recommend trying triangular studs to add dimension, as well as avoiding earrings that hit above your jawline. They will accentuate your angular chin, rather than soften it.


Oval face shapes

Popular oval-shaped celebrities: Beyonce

Attributes of an oval shaped face: Width of forehead smaller than cheekbones, no sharp angles, face is longer than it is wide.

Our gorgeous oval ladies can show off their elegant face shape with any number of designs. Try out some wide dangle earrings to create a rounder silhouette, or experiment with classic hoops for a no-fail style you can wear every day.


Pear face shapes

Popular pear-shaped celebrities: Minnie Driver

Attributes of a pear-shaped face: Cheekbones and jaw are wider than forehead, forehead is narrowest part of face.

Pear-shaped faces deserve a little extra love up top to even out your silhouette. Put on some colorful studs to draw attention upward, or switch it up with uniquely shaped studs for a more playful look.


Diamond face shapes

Popular diamond-shaped celebrities: Anna Kendrick

Attributes of a diamond-shaped face: Width of forehead smaller than cheekbones; narrow, pointed chin; length of face same or similar as width.

Lovely diamond face shapes can gravitate toward statement earrings that show off your unique shape. We also recommend avoiding larger earrings that land close to your ear — this style may create the illusion of a “shorter” face.


Square face shapes

Popular square-shaped celebrities: Demi Lovato

Attributes of a square-shaped face: Forehead is same or similar width as jawline; minimal curves in cheekbones; strong, squared jaw.

For square face shapes, elegant hoops will add softness to your angular shape, while earrings that hit right at your jawline may accentuate those hard angles. Go for round shapes and soft silhouettes for the most flattering look.

Find the perfect earrings for your face shape by shopping all of Shane Co.’s unique styles on From classic studs to on-trend threader earrings, we have the largest selection of sparkling 14k gold and sterling silver designs, studded with our hand-picked stones.

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