Tie Clips

  • Shane Co. Tie Clips

    Tie clips are a fashionable and practical wardrobe addition. Find stylish tie clips at Shane Co.

    A tie clip—also known as a tie clasp, tie bar, or tie pin—is used to hold a tie in place. Shane Co. offers a variety of classic tie clips to suit every style. Our men’s tie clips are crafted from durable metals, including stainless steel and sterling silver.

  • Do tie clips make a good gift?

    Tie clips make an excellent gift for a variety of occasions, whether you’re shopping for your groomsmen or need a great gift for Dad on Father’s Day. If you’re looking for a tie bar to give as a gift, pair it with a stylish money clip or one of our dog tags for men.

  • Does Shane Co. have other men’s accessories?

    Shane Co. offers a variety of cuff links for men made of stainless steel, sterling silver and yellow gold, as well as a beautiful collection of men’s necklaces. If you’re a man of Christian faith, find something special and meaningful in our assortment of men’s cross necklaces.

  • Does Shane Co. have wedding bands?

    When you’re preparing for the big day, make sure you have the right accessories for your nuptials. Explore our gorgeous selection of men’s wedding bands online or in-store with your fiancée and choose a ring you’ll be proud to wear for a lifetime.