Dog Tags

  • Dog Tags from Shane Co.

    Dog tags have become a popular jewelry choice, offering a rugged yet stylish look. Shop Shane Co.’s collection of dog tags for a sentimental accessory that lasts a lifetime.

  • What is the history behind dog tag necklaces?

    “Dog tag” is an informal name for the identification tags worn by military personnel. Throughout history, these tags were used to identify soldiers and convey important information.

  • Can I get my dog tag necklace engraved?

    We carry a wide range of engravable dog tags. Make it extra special by personalizing a piece with his initials or a sentimental message.

  • What kinds of metals are used to make Shane Co. dog tags?

    Our quality dog tags are handcrafted with variety of durable materials including sterling silver, stainless steel and carbon fiber.

  • Are dog tags a good gift idea?

    Dog tags are an excellent gift and if you’re looking for something thoughtful, personalized dog tags could be the perfect fit. Engrave a dog tag with a special message to add sentimental meaning to a beautiful piece of jewelry.