Each State’s Favorite Freeze Pop Flavor

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When you enter the grocery store during the summer, every box is stacked with mesh bags filled with vibrantly colored plastic tubes of sugary liquid waiting to go in the freezer. Warmer weather calls for delicious icy treats, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than with refreshing freeze pops.

The nostalgic childhood treat and summer go hand-in-hand, bringing refreshing fun to everyone. Whether you’re catching some rays on the beach or picnicking at the park, freeze pops can help you create some of the most memorable moments with your loved one. 


This summer has us feeling hot, hot, hot, and we need some icy treats to cool us down. So, to find the most popular freezer pop across the country, we surveyed over 2,000 Americans from each state on their favorite freeze pop flavor and what they call them state-by-state, as well as their boozy preferences. Read on to see what flavors are staining your state’s tongues! Does it match up with your favorite? 

Note that Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming were not included in the data due to an insufficient number of respondents at the time of the study (June 2022). 

The Most Popular Flavors

Map showing each state’s favorite freeze pop flavor

Popsicles are a summertime luxury. As far as flavors go, there are many options to choose from. However, anything is possible when you have a freeze pop in your hands, especially if you’re holding a blue raspberry one. With just a quick scan of the map, you’ll see most states choose the electrifying blue goodness as their go-to flavor. According to Tasting Table, pop ice makers first coined the made-up fruit flavor to introduce another color from red. Other respondents are celebrating summer with classic flavors like cherry, grape, and orange. 

What Do You Call Them?

Freezer pop illustrations showing what each state calls the treat

There’s no collective agreement on what to call these delicious cold treats. Some say popsicle. Others say freeze pop. But name preference is determined by region, with some residents ever referring to them by brands most popular in their area. 

According to our regional breakdown, people from the Northeast typically call them freeze pops, while the Midwest and the South prefer simplicity and opt to call them popsicles. The West Coast, on the other hand, calls the sweet treat Otter Pops, which is a well-known brand based in California. Each flavor is named after a fun cartoon character with its own unique personality and style, like Alexander the Grape or Strawberry Short Kook. 

Boozy Summer Treats & More

Variety of stats regarding how Americans enjoy freezer pops

Red and blue, or cherry and raspberry? Regardless of what you call them, freezer pops are a staple summer refreshment. Most Americans (77%) taste the rainbow and say they call freezer pops by their color rather than their flavor. 

Did someone say alcohol-infused ice pops? Yes, please! Today, adult popsicles are all the rage. Summer is the time to relax, chill out, and have a drink. Whether you want to throw a party or host an outdoor BBQ, ice pops will most certainly add color to the day. Boozy ice pops are fun and tasty enough to melt away your worries. 

Southern states proved to be the boozy pack’s alphas. Alabama (24%), Mississippi (24%), and South Carolina (24%) residents say they have at least tried it once, while residents in Idaho (73%) are the most likely to give the boozy summertime treat a try. By contrast, Kansas residents aren’t big fans, with 43% not interested in trying it.

When it comes to adding alcohol to freezer pops, vodka (62%) is America’s top choice. Aside from vodka, Americans are most likely to add rum (17%) or smooth tequila (14%). 

Closing Thoughts

Sweet ice pops help us harness the sizzling heat by bringing you sheer delight during the summer season. Want to make your summer freeze pop extra sweet? Our delicious fine jewelry selection will make your mouth water — cooling off couldn’t be easier. 

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