Do Americans Believe in Manifestation?

A dream is a wish your heart makes — but not while you’re fast asleep. So why not speak your desires into existence? Social media is leading a new wave of manifestation, with more and more people living their lives on the law of attraction principles. 

Manifesting is the practice of thinking inspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them a reality. And yes, that even includes love! Although manifesting is about making your dreams come true, it requires you to take proactive steps toward whatever you want. For example, instead of saying, “I want to meet the love of my life,” visualize a detailed picture of what that person looks like and think about your preferences. Of course, it’s not something that will appear overnight. But how many Americans believe it?


Before we pledged allegiance to the United States of Manifestation, we surveyed 2,300 Americans on their experiences, opinions, and attitudes towards manifesting. Our goal was to gain insight across gender, generation, and even state! Read on to find out the results! 

U.S. States That Believe in Manifestation the Most

Everyone approaches manifestations differently. 52% of Americans believe in the power it holds, but only 28% actively practice bringing something tangible into their lives through attraction. The state of Vermont (65%) may believe in speaking it into existence the most, but actions speak louder than thoughts — Georgia practiced manifestation the most, with 46% of respondents noting they actively practice manifestation. 

Practice preferences vary, but three sets of states’ perceptions of the law of attraction are tied. Michigan and Colorado tied with 64%, while Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, and Texas trailed right behind with 62%. Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Rhode Island had the lowest tied percentage at 47.1%. 

What Are People Manifesting?

What pictures are you putting on your Pinterest vision board? 49% of respondents manifest a relationship, 34% claim financial aspirations, 20% yearn for that dream job offer, and 19% want to be asked on a date. 15% claimed to manifest a past partner returning. Overall, 57% said they would manifest financial prosperity over love, which is understandable. You only want the best when you go ring shopping, right? Wink, wink. 

How Are People Manifesting?

Can a single thought become reality? How do we make these dreamy perceptions true? Positive affirmations took the lead, with 57% of respondents noting that they practice self-affirmation. Meanwhile, 56% visualize manifesting in their minds. 22% believe in the benefits of crystals, but only 9% use them as rocket fuel to higher living through the mindful process. 

When and Where Are People Manifesting?

Manifesting is about making everything you want to experience and feel true through thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions. But when and where do you use your mindset to attract the opportunities you want? Based on a survey of 2,300 respondents, 40% said home is their ideal location for manifesting. While 22% believe the best time for manifestation is at night. 

Manifestation Insights Across Generation and Gender

Baby Boomers said they do not believe in manifesting, but the younger generation does. Thanks to social media, nearly 4 in 10 people (39.1%) learned about manifestation online, and nearly 1 in 3 people (33.4%) said they have viewed manifestation TikToks. 30% said they appear on their For You Page! 37% of men said they learned about manifestations from social media, while 71% said they have not, and even more women (41%) said the same.

Manifestors have various methods. 17% of Millennials said they use scripting for manifestations, and 7% said they do it often. 48% of Baby Boomers said they visualize in their minds, and 61% of Millennials said the same. Another 23% of Millennials prefer journaling, but 83% of Baby Boomers said they never do. But never say never. Across generations, respondents (57%) said they would rather manifest financial prosperity over love. However, 47% of Generation Z said they would manifest love over financial prosperity. Nearly 4 in 10 women (39.4%) said they do not believe in manifesting relationships, but 36% of men said they somewhat believe. 

Closing Thoughts

Finding your person doesn’t need to be like trying to find Waldo. Whether you believe in manifesting or want your perfect soulmate to gravitate to you, as long as you’re living in alignment with your truth, the universe will take care of the rest. Then when you’re ready to pop the question, keep your vibrations raised with a beaming engagement ring from Shane Co.

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