How to Stay Fashionable When Bundled up

For those unfortunate enough to have to endure bitterly cold winters, the prospect of being fashionable while staying warm can be an overwhelming challenge. How does one express his or her own unique style while bundled up in sweaters and jackets? The trends with stylish scarves and hats have improved drastically over the past several years, but what else can you add to spice up an outfit in the bitter winter months? Click on any Pinterest pin tagged “Bundle Up” and you will see another trend: jewelry.

For thousands of years, jewelry has been a way for both men and women to express their style, their personality, their status in society and many other things. When dressing for the weather, especially during the cold and snowy winter months, most tend to steer towards practicality. Adding a long necklace on top of a scarf or a pair of large gold hoops below the rim of a hat can turn practicality into style.

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At Shane Co., we strive to offer hundreds of unique styles for any taste and any budget. Whether you love pearls, diamonds or sapphires, there is something for everyone to love at Shane Co. Our Studio Collection offers many new semi-precious stones, from purple amethyst to smoky quartz. A pair of beautiful red garnet dangles can help you stand out among the whites and grays of winter. Bracelets and rings will help augment your wardrobe. A chic gold bangle adds dimension and flair to any woman’s ensemble. A large sterling silver ring is also a great accent to a woman’s right hand.


For men, Shane Co. offers a wide array of accessories, from trendy cuff links to bracelets and chains. An attractive tie clip can add elegance to a business suit, while cuff links can add a splash of color in an otherwise neutral ensemble. Why not also jazz up that usually hidden wallet with a matching fashionable and functional money clip? It’s perfect for on the go!

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Whatever your style, jewelry is a great way to add personality when bundled up. For those who suffer through the biting cold and falling snow, adding jewelry to an ensemble can be a reprieve from the long winter months. It’s just the spice you need to hold out until warmer weather finally arrives!

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