Sapphire – September’s Birthstone

One of our favorite stones is taking center stage this month as September’s birthstone: blue sapphire! With a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, this gem is second only to diamond in durability — and just as beautiful. Read on to learn more about this sparkling stone and shop our most popular September birthstone gifts.

What is sapphire?

Three loose sapphire stones.

As the gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, this stone is created much like other natural stones: with millions of years of pressure beneath the earth’s surface. Trace elements like iron, titanium, chromium, copper and magnesium give sapphires their unique colors. Though September is usually known for the rich blue variety, this superstar gem also comes in pink, green, yellow and many more colors. The only one missing is red — this color of corundum is known as ruby.

Did you know?

Some sapphires can create a starburst effect, also known as asterism, when you look closely. This is due to trapped inclusions that create a six-ray star pattern in the surface of the stone.

Sapphire’s history

This special stone has been mined since at least 800 B.C., probably earlier. While we don’t know the details surrounding the first discovery of sapphire, most historians guess that it was discovered in streams and riverbeds, where they have been washed away by erosion and many years of rain. With a long and storied history, this gem has always been prized for its rich blue hue and sparkling exterior.

Greeks wore them when they sought guidance from an oracle, while Buddhists believed the stone brought spiritual enlightenment. Hindus also used it during worship, and the ancient Hebrews at one time believed the Ten Commandments had been carved into tablets made of sapphire, though the references in the Bible may also have been referring to another blue stone — lapis lazuli.

Tom Shane holding a rough sapphire.

Did you know?

Because of its extreme durability, this stone is also used in industrial application. The Apple Watch has a screen made of sapphire glass, while other electronics and similar products make use of its hardness.

Royal origins

This vibrant blue stone is well known for being popular among royals and has been the stone of choice for some famous engagement rings. In 1796, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to his wife-to-be Josephine with a sapphire engagement ring. Featuring a pear-shaped sapphire and diamond on a simple gold band, the ring later sold at auction for close to a million dollars.

Britain’s Prince Charles also famously gifted Lady Diana Spencer with a 12-carat sapphire engagement ring, becoming one of the most recognizable rings we know of. In 2010, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with this same ring.

Did you know?

According to a well-known legend, Helen of Troy owned a blue star sapphire that held the key to her unmatched desirability — she apparently had at least 30 suitors looking to wed! It’s possible that the face that launched a thousand ships actually owed it all to our favorite September birthstone.

Other famous gems

Collection of sapphire and diamond necklaces.

One of the most famous (and biggest) sapphires ever discovered is the Star of India. At an incredible 563 carats, this star sapphire was found in Sri Lanka. After discovery, George Frederick Kunz procured it for John Pierpont Morgan to be displayed at the 1900 Paris Exposition. It was later donated to the Museum of Natural History, where it remains — though it was stolen in October 1964 before being returned in January of 1965.

The Rockefeller Sapphire is an internally flawless blue stone weighing 62.02 carats, getting its name from one-time owner John D. Rockefeller Jr. The famous Rockefeller purchased the stone from an Indian maharajah in 1934.

The Logan Sapphire was mined in Sri Lanka during the 1900s before being purchased by Colonel M. Robert Guggenheim as a gift for his wife, Rebecca, in 1952. She ended up donating the stone to the Smithsonian. It received the name “Logan” after Rebecca’s new surname. This stone weighs in at 422.99 carats and is the largest set gem in the National Gem Collection.

Spiritual and mystical properties

Also known as the “stone of wisdom,” sapphire is believed to release mental tension, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion, restoring balance within the body and mind. It is believed that wearers of this gem are better able to focus, maintain self-discipline and channel higher powers. The deep blue color of the stone once symbolized heaven, attracting divine favor and wise judgement.

September birthstone gifts

Three sapphire and diamond rings.


This Traditional Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Pendant features three beautiful round sapphires with five round diamonds adding a touch of sparkly detail. A simple, classic design, this necklace will delight any September baby.

In our signature shade of Kentucky blue, this Pear-Shaped Sapphire and Round Diamond Pendant features a single pear-shaped September birthstone highlighted by 33 round diamonds, crafted in 14k white gold. Elegant and sophisticated, this necklace makes the perfect special occasion piece.

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For a pop of contemporary style, this Baguette Traditional Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gold is just the thing. The tapered baguette sapphires show off a fashionable trend, with our signature shade of rose gold complementing every skin tone perfectly.

One of our favorites, this Multi-Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring is a show-stopping piece that’s still great for everyday wear. A collection of 85 round stones in many shades of blue are paired up with diamonds perfectly on this gorgeous cluster ring.

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These floral-inspired Traditional Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings are a fun and flirty gift for your September baby. With eight pear-shaped sapphires and round accent diamonds, you can even find a matching pendant necklace for the ultimate look.

With 10 round traditional blue sapphires and 72 round diamonds, these sparkling Traditional Blue Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings will transform any outfit into a runway-ready look.

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This Kentucky Blue and White Sapphire Bracelet features classic style that will go beautifully with any wardrobe choice. Pair it with other bracelets for a stackable look or by itself as an elegant addition to their jewelry collection.

For a hint of vintage style, this Kentucky Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet is perfect. With 14k rose gold and five pear-shaped stones, chances are she’ll love to wear this unique piece.

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