Ruby Necklaces

Ruby Necklaces

Ruby necklaces stand out among all precious gemstones for its deep red color. Because each ruby can vary in how vivid the red color saturation is, Shane Co.’s ruby stones are all hand-selected for the best quality. Our rubies are natural, never lab-created, and always a vibrant red. Every piece in our ruby necklace collection is created with extreme attention to detail by world-class designers.

A symbol of love and immortality, the ruby has been the focus of many myths and legends throughout the centuries. The vibrant red gem was commonly thought by some cultures to bless wearers with health, wealth, wisdom and success in affairs of the heart.

Rubies commonly undergo treatments (typically heat treatment, either with or without beryllium) to intensify the stone’s natural color. These treatments are permanent. We will never sell a stone that was glass filled or otherwise treated with something not permanent. Every Shane Co. stone is guaranteed for life under our warranty.

FAQs about Ruby Necklaces

    • What Makes a Ruby Necklace Special?

      A ruby necklace stands out from all the rest because of the brilliant red color of the gemstone. Rubies can be matched with any metal, but especially white gold, silver and platinum. They also pair wonderfully with other stones. Rubies and diamonds pair well together due to their grace and elegance, making Shane Co.’s ruby and diamond necklaces a perfect match.

      Shane Co. has a wide variety of ruby necklaces in a variety of different styles, so be sure to check out our complete collection of necklaces.

    • Have Ruby Necklaces Always Been Popular Jewelry Pieces?

      Rubies have a history that stretches back to the time of the ancients. Praised for the stone's brilliant, rich color, the red gem was first associated with courage on the battlefield for some, and wealth and good fortune for others. In the 1880s, French jewelers declared rubies the "gem of gems," and the stone became a favorite of the royal family as buying ruby necklaces rose in popularity worn by the Queen of England and Elizabeth Taylor. With such a long history, ruby necklaces are a perfect choice to celebrate anniversaries and other momentous occasions.

    • Does a Ruby Necklace Make a Good Gift?

      A Ruby necklace can make a great gift. Whether you are shopping for your mom, girlfriend, wife, partner, or any loved one in your life, a natural ruby necklace is sure to make them smile. Ruby necklaces are very popular to give on birthdays, especially July birthdays. That’s because the red ruby is the birthstone for July.

      Ruby necklaces set in gold or silver are also popular gifts because they pair well with ruby rings, ruby bracelets and ruby earrings. If you are really wanting to impress your loved one, a ruby and diamond necklace could be the way to go. The combination of red rubies and shining diamonds is truly stunning and will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

    • Is a ruby necklace an everyday piece of jewelry?

      Rubies fall more on the hardy side of the Hardiness scale and can withstand damage when compared to other gems, making something like a ruby and diamond necklace a great everyday piece of jewelry you can show off without worrying too much.

    • What other necklaces does Shane Co. offer?

      Shane Co. offers many different collections of necklaces, just like our ruby necklaces. Explore options like:

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Beautiful and great quality
Beautiful. So much nicer in person. The rubies are quite sparkly, the bezels are nice and thick/sturdy, and even with my puppy getting her paw through it a couple of times it has not broken! Both length options look great. The rubies are set so that when they flip over they still look perfect.
Laura Y
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Fantastic Item
This was a last minute christmas gift for my wife, as we both love Rubys. Although small in size it is a very tasteful piece and the look on her face as she opened the box will be one I will never forget. She absolutely loved it. I love how it looks on her and she loves to wear it. Once again Shane and Co. helped me hit a homerun!!
Jonathan N
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