Ring Guards

  • What is a Ring Enhancer or Ring Guard?

    Our vintage ring enhancers, also known as engagement ring guards, are uniquely designed rings created to be worn with and complement a diamond solitaire ring with additional diamonds or gemstones. When ring guards are worn with solitaire engagement rings, the appearance creates a single multi-stone ring.

  • Are Ring Enhancers Wedding Bands?

    Just like curved rings, ring enhancers or guards are a popular option for a wedding band. Make your engagement ring a statement piece with our beautifully curated collection of diamond ring guards to help transform the aesthetic of your wedding ring enhancers.

  • What Size Wedding Ring Enhancer or Ring Guard Should I Get?

    Choosing a ring guard enhancer in the correct size is important to remember when shopping. Our experts would advise buying an enhancer slightly larger than the size of your finger. This will help both your ring guard and wedding band fit comfortably for everyday wear.