Pave Wedding Bands

  • Pavé Wedding Bands from Shane Co.

    Pavé wedding bands offer lots of eye-catching sparkle and are an ideal accompaniment to virtually an engagement ring. Browse Shane Co.’s collection of pavé wedding bands and you’ll easily find a style that captures your heart and fits your budget.

  • What is a pavé wedding band?

    The term pavé comes from the French verb for paved or cobbled. In a pavé wedding band, small stones are set close together in the band of the ring, also known as the shank. In other words, the ring is “paved” with stones. The stones are held in place by mall beads of metal, formed by the jeweler as the stones are set. The affect is a dense pattern of sparkle with an unmistakable look of glamour that enhances any classic wedding band.

  • What kinds of pave wedding bands does Shane Co. have?

    Whether you prefer a vintage wedding band, a swirl design, an infinity style, a band with color stone accents, or some other look, our pavé wedding bands give you many rings to choose from.

    We offer unique pavé wedding bands in platinum or 14k gold in three shades – white, yellow and rose. We also have bands in two-tone gold. We design wedding bands in the widest range of prices and to complement any engagement ring. Whatever pavé style you choose, it will be unique because our bands can’t be found at any other jeweler.

    We only use diamonds of superior cut, color and clarity in our pavé wedding bands. Our bands have visibly more fire and brilliance than the bands at other jewelers and are meticulously matched by hand for consistent sparkle.

    Our staff of noncommission jewelry experts makes it easy to find the perfect pavé wedding band. We provide honest advice and recommendations that you can trust without being pressured to buy. You can buy risk-free with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.