Diamond Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands
Shane Co. wedding bands are designed for a love that lasts a lifetime. With endless combinations of styles—pavé, vintage, channel-set, color accents—and a variety of metals to choose from, you get exclusive designs without the designer price tag.
  • Wedding Bands from Shane Co.

    Take your vows with unique wedding bands that you will both love for a lifetime. Shop Shane Co. wedding bands and find the perfect rings to exchange on the day you say “I do”.

  • What kind of wedding band styles does Shane Co. offer?

    Whether you’re looking for classic wedding bands or modern designs, Shane Co. offers hundreds of unique bands to choose from. If you’re intrigued by wedding band styles from the Art Deco or Victorian eras, browse our vintage wedding bands for her. If you prefer a colorful look, shop our many wedding bands set with natural sapphires, rubies, and diamonds.

    Our collection of stylish wedding bands for women are made from a variety of materials, including:

    • White gold
    • Yellow gold
    • Rose gold
    • Platinum
    • Two-tone gold

    Our collection of stylish wedding bands for men are made from:

    • White gold
    • Yellow gold
    • Rose gold
    • Tri-tone gold
    • Platinum
    • Titanium
    • Two-tone gold
    • Cobalt
    • Damascus steel
    • Meteorite

  • Does Shane Co. offer men and women’s wedding bands?

    We offer a variety of affordable wedding bands for both men and women. Shop together for colored accent wedding bands or select your own complementary designs.

  • What’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band?

    Engagement rings and bands for weddings have a few key differences. Typically, engagement rings are more ornate than wedding bands, but this isn’t always the case. Many engagement rings for women feature elaborate stone settings, intricate details, and a captivating center stone is the most common feature. A woman’s wedding band tends to be less intricate, but may still feature elegant design details and precious stones.

    Some men choose all-metal, plain wedding bands, while others prefer rings set with rubies, diamonds, or sapphires.

  • Are wedding bands typically ornate or plain?

    Wedding band style is a simple matter of personal taste. From simple wedding bands to elaborate styles with elaborate details, Shane Co. has many bands to choose from. Whether you want an infinity wedding band or a look with clean lines from our collection of contour wedding bands, we can help you make the perfect selection.

    Your wedding bands will become treasured keepsakes, so finding the style you love is important. Shop Shane Co. and you’ll gain the education and confidence you need to make one of the most important investments of your life.