Endless Pearl Strand Video Transcript

One Strand, Endless Possibilities  - Video Transcript

(Woman's Voice)

pearl strand: classic… demure… refined. Right? Well, yes. But it's so much more too! It's fun, fashion-forward and fabulous! Discover a world of endless possibilities with one of Shane Company's 65-inch endless strands of cultured freshwater pearls and you'll never wear it the same way twice.

Loop it.

Tier it.

Knot it.

Belt it.

Double it.

Triple it.

Wear it as a bracelet.

Let it complement your neckline.

Or let it flow.

Look chic for business.

Look sexy for fun.

To create more of your own chic and unique styles, use one of Shane Co.'s ingenious pearl shorteners. Simply open the shortener and slide through as many pearls as you want.

With 65-inch endless strands of cultured freshwater pearls, from Shane Co., you're limited only by your imagination.

One Strand, Endless Possibilities.