Unique Winter Date Ideas

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When winter rolls in, getting out and finding fun activities to do as a couple can easily become a chore. It’s much more appealing to tuck yourself away at home, trying to stay warm. But there are plenty of ways to bring a little light into those often-dark winter days. Here are some of my favorite winter date ideas!

Paint the Snow

Grab a few water bottles and mix in some food coloring, then find a spot to create some artwork. You’ll have to bundle up and brave the cold, but it’s definitely a new experience worth trying!

See the Lights

Since winter means holidays, lights are all around. Grab some hot drinks and explore your local neighborhoods to see how people have decorated. You can walk and get some fresh air or stay cozy in your car and sightsee.

Get in Touch with the Sea

Just because it’s no longer beach season doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy ocean life! Head to an aquarium and immerse yourself in a different world. It will be a tropical break from the winter wonderland outside.

Take a Class

Cooking classes make for fun date nights! Book one and try something new with your partner! You’ll be spending time with each other and eating yummy food in the process. Not a chef? Learn some new moves in a dance class. The important thing is getting out and trying something new together.

Go Ice Skating

There’s a reason ice skating is a classic winter go-to for couples. It’s romantic and challenging—an experience sure to create lasting memories. So, grab some skates and put your inner ice dancer to the test. Make sure to warm up with some hot cocoa afterward!

Embrace Nature

Take a carriage ride, go skiing or enjoy a walk through the snow. This time of year is perfect for sharing a romantic moment outdoors with the one you love.

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