Top 10 Things Not to Give
Your Wife This Christmas


Shane Co.'s Official List of Gifts That Shouldn't Be Under the Tree

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - November 24, 2015) - Shane Co., the largest family-owned jeweler in the United States, today announced the official list of "Top 10 Things Not to Give Your Wife This Christmas." Every year, millions of men in the United States are faced with the challenge of finding the perfect holiday gifts for wives and girlfriends, without considering what the intended recipient really wants. Items are purchased at the last minute at drugstores, big box superstores, electronic retailers and, sadly, gas stations. Women across the country who excitedly anticipate a diamond necklace they've dropped hints about all year are shocked and saddened to find appliances, one-size-fits-all articles of clothing, and other impersonal, practical items under the tree.

In the interest of preventing these mishaps in 2015 and protecting men from selecting the wrong present, the gift-giving experts at Shane Co. created the following list of things women do not want:

Top 10 Things Not to Give Your Wife or Girlfriend This Christmas

  • 1. Weed Whacker

  • 2. Iron

  • 3. Toaster

  • 4. Ugly Sweater

  • 5. Vacuum Cleaner

  • 6. Blender

  • 7. Printer

  • 8. Onesie

  • 9. Emergency Car Kit

  • 10. Scale

"We see the posts from women who share on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram the odd gifts they received from the person they love the most in this world," said Steven Schreibman, Shane Co.'s chief marketing officer. "Our hearts just break for these women who go out of their way for everyone in their lives all year long, and we wanted to do something to help. The 'Holiday Hint' hashtag is our way of reaching out to men and letting them know that we're here for them. We want to make sure they get the gifts they'll cherish forever this year."

Shane Co. recommends that gift givers select presents based on the recipient's personality and style. Online wish lists are helpful shopping tools, as are notes strategically placed around the house with images and descriptions of specific items. Shane Co. offers gorgeous jewelry gifts for every budget, including real Italian gold, natural gemstones, colorful sapphires, cultured pearls and diamonds with superior sparkle. Unique sterling silver chains, pendants, earrings and charm bracelets also make great gifts for daughters, nieces, sisters and school teachers.

Women are encouraged to share their desired gifts with the hashtag #HolidayHint on social media channels and tag their husbands or boyfriends and significant others.

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