Meteorite Rings for Men

  • About Meteorite Rings

    Meteorite rings are formed from the iron/nickel core of an asteroid and have unique crystalline patterns called Widmanstatten lines, caused by the extremely slow cooling of the material in space. Our meteorite rings are unique and instantly add a sense of style and individuality to your wedding band. Meteorite wedding bands are always one of a kind, and the material can also make for a beautiful inlay in gold, silver, and titanium rings.

  • Do Meteorite Rings Rust?

    Real meteorite does have the potential to rust over time because meteorite is an iron/nickel-based material.

  • What Is a Meteorite Ring Made Of?

    Meteorite rings are composed of an iron-nickel alloy that contains significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorous. The crystal structure of meteorite rings provides a classic Widmanstatten pattern that is appreciated for its beauty.

  • Can Meteorite Rings Be Resized?

    In general, meteorite rings cannot be resized, though they may be loosened a little. Due to variations in ring sizers used by different jewelers, it is important to use our ring sizer to ensure that you order the correct size.