Ruby jewelry

Tom Shane travels to Bangkok, Thailand, "the gemstone capital of the world," several times every year and hand-selects each ruby. To maximize the stones' beauty and value, he has them re-cut to his exacting specifications. The cut of every Shane Co. ruby is critical, as it determines color depth and the brilliance projected by the gemstone. Shane Co. is very selective. Our rubies are natural, never lab-created, and always a vibrant red.

Ruby jewelry


In addition to being the official birthstone for July and the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries, the ruby is frequently given in celebration of the birth of a daughter.


Shane Co. carries all of the traditional ruby shapes, as well as many nontraditional shapes that other jewelers do not.


Color: Red
Mineral Family: Corundum
Hardness: 9.0 on the Mohs scale

Ruby and diamond earrings

Legends & Lore

A symbol of love and immortality, the ruby has been the focus of many myths and legends throughout the centuries. The vibrant red gem was commonly thought by some cultures to bless wearers with health, wealth, wisdom and success in affairs of the heart.


From the Lain word "rubeus," meaning "red."

Heat Treating

Rubies commonly undergo treatments (typically heat treatment, either with or without beryllium) to intensify the stone’s natural color. These treatments are permanent. We will never sell a stone that was glass filled or otherwise treated with something not permanent. Every Shane Co. stone is guaranteed for life under our warranty.